Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Health, Wellness and Fitness by Mind Map: Health, Wellness and Fitness

1. Benefits

1.1. intellectual growth

1.1.1. college

1.1.2. more involved in professional community

1.2. emotional stability

1.3. long life/physical health

2. Goals

2.1. increase physical activity

2.1.1. gym

2.1.2. basketball

2.1.3. soccer with kids

2.2. improve emotional state

2.2.1. focus more on relationships siblings children partner mother friends

2.2.2. coping mechanisms for anger

2.2.3. involvement in my religion spirituality faith God

3. Definition

3.1. proper nutrition

3.1.1. healthy diet

3.1.2. reduce intake of sweets

3.2. eliminate unhealthy behaviours

3.2.1. get more sleep

3.2.2. work more reasonable hours

3.3. good mental/emotional health

3.3.1. spend more time with family

3.3.2. read more

3.3.3. be better organized