Disadvantages of CALL

Lai, Ch.-Ch. & Kritsonis, W. A. (2006): The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition. In: Doctoral Forum. National Journal for Publishing and Mentoring Doctoral Students Research. Vol.3, No.1. Verfügbar unter: https://tinyurl.com/adcall06

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Disadvantages of CALL by Mind Map: Disadvantages of CALL

1. may increase educational costs

1.1. hardware

1.2. software

2. may harm educational equity

3. low-budget schools, low-income pupils cannot afford computers

3.1. this causes unfair educational conditions

4. basic technology knowledge is needed

5. students need to be offered training in the uses of computer technology

6. benefits of computer technology are inexistent for those who are not familiar with computers

7. limitations of CALL software

7.1. mainly deal with 3 skills

7.1.1. reading

7.1.2. writing

7.1.3. listening

7.2. "spoken" input

7.2.1. should be evaluated for "appropriateness" correctness

7.2.2. should be diagnosed regarding pronunciation syntax usage

8. computers cannot interact effectively

8.1. cannot deal with unexpected learning problems

8.2. cannot respond to learners' questions immediately