Types of Programs for English Language Learners

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Types of Programs for English Language Learners by Mind Map: Types of Programs for English Language Learners

1. English as a Second Language

1.1. Standards

1.1.1. Standard 1

1.1.2. Standard 2

1.1.3. Standard 3

1.1.4. Standard 4

1.1.5. Standard 5

1.2. Teaching Strategies

1.2.1. Promote active participation and present students with challenging tasks that encourages them to use critical thinking when participating in lessons.

1.2.2. Use different types of literature to inspire learning and literacy in the classroom.

1.2.3. Don't force production of English if the students are not ready. Over-correcting students can cause them to feel self-conscious and inhibit their progress.

2. Two Way Bilingual

2.1. Standards

2.1.1. Interpersonal Communication

2.1.2. Interpretive Communication

2.1.3. Presentational Communication

2.1.4. Cultures

2.1.5. Comparisons

2.1.6. Connections

2.1.7. Communities

2.2. Teaching Strategies

2.2.1. Highly interactive classrooms that allow students to explore the other language and culture besides their own. This can include demonstrations, science experiments, and using technology to teach lessons. Interactive activities can facilitate discussion and encourage social interaction.

2.2.2. Provide hands on materials and visual aids to teach material in both languages. For example, using pictures to teach vocabulary in both languages can help students understand and recall the information better.