Comparative Study - doing it!

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Comparative Study - doing it! by Mind Map: Comparative Study - doing it!

1. Do a layout map of how you are going to arrange all of this for each of the slides.

1.1. consider

1.1.1. balance

1.1.2. heirarchy

1.1.3. arrangement of ideas across several slides

1.1.4. layout on a grid - each object should be a multiple of the grid you can break the rules

1.2. Layout the presentation

2. Knowledge

2.1. Research and Investigate

2.1.1. Artist: Silvia Pelissero society free or repressed modern society, so relatively free (SP) influences on society beautiful representations of raw humans Affects many people ONLINE with her traditional artwork Has had art exhibitions how did the artist grow up? Roman artist (21 years of age) Born in 1991 Was their life happy? Pelissero herself is quiet. Not much is known about her personally other than her beginnings as an artist at an art high school in Rome beginnings as an artist at an art high school ...continued with art independently and became an anonymous internet sensation. Her name is not often tagged with her work - her work in famous and recognisable but she is not What was interesting or unusual about them or their life? he has fire-red hair, fair skin and a strong personality. what about culture? Modern, liberalist culture Internet art culture

3. Comprehension

3.1. Extrapolate

3.1.1. Make a mind map or a list of everything you find in your research and investigation as you go. No structure. start map or list here self taught online alius agnes-cecile water colour, oil acrylic, ink varnish portraiture no matter the medium, her works are always explosive and convey unique messages. Descriptions of her work She invited me to her studio in the center of Rome, where she hosted two solo exhibitions in spring 2012 and in 2013 Process Influenced by

3.1.2. what about culture?

4. Application

4.1. Relate

4.1.1. Apply your understanding by creating relational links on your mind map or creating a table out of your list with a few headings. eg V Gogh wanted to be a minister would link to his painting topics. what about culture?

5. Analysis

5.1. Deconstruct

5.1.1. Go back the art work break each down into how the meaning is expressed or communicated. Silvia Pelissero: Acrylic, Ink, Watercolour, Pen In her artworks, the paint drips from the brushes to form faces and palpably thrilled eyes, the watercolours explode in lights and shadows of skillfully mixed colours. elments and principles of design dripping paint blending colours portraits usually place centrally backgrounds are usually bank or source for negative space bleeding colour out lined work often watery paint ink etc are features of the work high contrast mutli coloured Symbols colours bursting from head eyes are important in her work mouths distortion what about culture? youth? style expressionistic sad introspective

6. Synthesis

6.1. Link

6.1.1. Compare the Artists and the artworks referring to the earlier steps Venn diagram, mindmap, table with headings "artist one. artist two, similarities, differences" Silvia Pelissero Artist 2 Me Similarities Differences Commentary/notable points what about culture?

7. Evaluate

7.1. rate and approve

7.1.1. a paragraph commenting on the success of the work. how culture has been important how the artists learned from each other methods of working themes and ideas the fame of the earlier artist was used to enhance the later artist how the later artist modernised the meaning Points that need to be made culture is a dertminant factor in art the life of the artist connects to their ideas and expression of their artwork artists learn from each other

8. Theme of your CS

8.1. (add)