OCPS / Board Meeting 04/13/2010

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OCPS / Board Meeting 04/13/2010 by Mind Map: OCPS / Board Meeting 04/13/2010

1. 4. The Critical Needs Optional Millage of 0.25% is crucial to generate $22 million for FY2011. It will be used for Capital needs and operations. It requieres approval my the super majority and continuity will be upon Referendum.

2. 16. Non Consent Emergency Items / Request approval of the Inclusion of the Critical Needs Optional Millage in the Budget Develop. Process 2010-11

3. 1. OCPS Board recognizes with concern the impact current financial meltdown, not been selected in phase 1 RTT and decreasing property value may have on educational programs and operations in the district.

4. 2. A. House budget assumes 96% collection rate for property taxes, Senate 95%. B. Senate assumes all districts levy the optional 0.25 mills, House assumes only those who levied in FY2010 will continue. C. House version represents $39.90 per student reduction from current funding level / Senate $61.38. D. Requires 0.25% contribution by employees for Florida Retirement System.

5. 3. House version represents $39.90 per student reduction from current funding level in surrounding districts. They have been levied under the additional millage. Levy divided by the districts' total equalized assessed value= tax rate.

6. Group Analysis: The Board is responsible for mantaining fiscal integrity and at points it needs to make tough decisions to assure continuity of educational quality programs. OCPS Board is clearly concerned about the projected fiscal situation. The state of Florida unsuccessfully competed in RTT. OCPS does not believe Florida will run in the phase 2. The increase in property value represents funding coming in per student. Using critical needs may be a desperate move but the Board seems determined in safe guarding educational programs that benefit students. Critical needs optional millage will minimize impact on schools and will not eliminate staffing.