Electronics Learning Resources

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Electronics Learning Resources by Mind Map: Electronics Learning Resources

1. Education

1.1. Falstad's Circuit Simulator

1.1.1. Shortcuts

1.1.2. Video tutorial

1.1.3. Selected notes from Exercise 1 Current convention Tour Open simulator Open voltage divider Fiddle with controls Point to wires and components Note symbols Turn on power and repeat Construct circuits Blank circuit Note cursor appearance V: add battery L: add LED R: add resistor W: add wire G: add ground Play!

1.2. U of Colorado simulations

1.3. Google Calculator and Unit Converter

1.4. UnitJuggler

1.5. HyperPhysics (see Electricity and Magnetism)

1.6. Solder Comic

1.7. Instructables

2. Click on the "circle/dot" to expand a branch or "circle" to close it. Mouse over the right arrow to display a link, then click on it.

3. Arduino

3.1. Arduino Comic (also a good electronics intro)

3.2. Getting Started

3.3. Selected Programs from Examples Menu

3.3.1. 1. Basic Blink Fade ReadAnalogVoltage

3.3.2. 2. Digital Button Debounce DigitalInputPullup

3.3.3. 5. Control switchCase

3.3.4. 7. Display BarGraph RowColumnScanning

3.3.5. Esplora

3.3.6. LiquidCrystal

3.3.7. Servo

4. Raspberry Pi

4.1. Getting Started

4.1.1. Watch "Quick Start Guide"

4.1.2. Watch "NOOBS Setup"

4.1.3. You can also order a pre-formatted SD card

4.1.4. Old Pis use full-sized card; newer ones use microSD

4.1.5. Watch out for British keyboard settings!

4.2. Learning Guides

5. Maker spaces

5.1. Workshop 88

5.2. Pumping Station One

6. Stores

6.1. Local

6.1.1. MicroCenter Hobby Electronics / Boards and Projects

6.1.2. Fry's

6.1.3. American Science and Surplus

6.2. Online

6.2.1. Adafruit Learning Guides

6.2.2. Sparkfun Learning Guides

6.2.3. Makershed Make Magazine

6.2.4. Big suppliers Digikey Mouser

6.2.5. Brown Dog Gadgets

6.2.6. Chicago Electronic Distributors

6.2.7. Lumen Electronic Jewelery