Post US Civil War

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Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Post US Civil War

1. What is Jim Crow and the impact of Jim Crow laws?

1.1. Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system which operated primarily. African Americans were relegated to the status of second class citizens. It is a law that was set for black and white citizens. During the Post US Civil War period, people strongly believed in the white supremacy. Therefore, the government has establishing this lasw/system to maintain their white supremacy.

1.2. There were a racial segregation in school, transportation, housing and all of the public places. This law has taken away the black community's civil rights such as voting. To reduce the amount of black citizens to vote, the white community decided to collect taxes from the citizens who would like to register to vote. Many poor black citizens were unable to afford the poll tax so the number of black voters have dropped significantly.

1.3. As the Reconstruction era comes to the end, the African American has began to gain some power or better treatment. The Jim Crow law has established something called "separate but equal" which ensure that separate educational programs were truly equal in terms of resources

2. Jim Crow law and Plessy vs Ferguson

2.1. Since the Jim Crow law has established, it legalized the seperation of races including transportations. In 1890, a law has passed to prevent the black and white citizens to ride the railroad in the same cart.

2.2. On June 1892, Plessy was arrested in the Louisiana railroad because he was sitting in a "White only" cart. Plessy's lawyer argued that this has violated the 13th amendment. However, the court stated that although there were separate facilities for black and white citizens, it is still constitutional as long as they are equal.

3. Similarities between the Spanish American War and the War with Mexico

3.1. the similarities between both two wars are their believed in superior power. They tended to mistreat the weaker nations. The Americans believed that they are more superior among others therefore they have an absolute right to bring their culture to the Mexican culture. Manifest Destiny was one of the belief during the Mexican War. The United States has expanded their territory and gain power over lands such as Cuba in the Spanish-American war

4. How did the process Italians and other races became white?

4.1. what considered white? by the 1920s, scientific racism sanctified the notion that real Americans were white and that real whites came from northwest Europe.

4.2. the number of Anti-semitism and anti European racism have decreased during the war against fascism and it has led to a more inclusive version of whiteness.

4.3. The immigrants children had successfully assimilated into the mainstream and risen to the middle class. However, the economic prosperity played a powerful role in the whitening process. Segregation kept them out of the suburbs. The federal government tried to shut down the postwar window of opportunity in African Americans' faces