The telescope

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The telescope by Mind Map: The telescope

1. What is?

1.1. A telescope is an optical instrument for capturing light (electromagnetic radiation) so that it is possible to observe objects that are very low brightness and/or are at great distances.

2. Characteristics:

2.1. Has a tripod, a mount, a searcher, a counterweight and an ocular. If there is a greater openness, the greater the amount of light entering the instrument will be, which make weaker objects shine and finer details.

3. Types

3.1. Radio telescopes

3.1.1. Radio telescopes detect noise from radio wavelengths in space. These telescopes are able to listen to all this noise and process it into information or it can produce a picture from an object it is listening to.

3.2. X-Ray telescopes

3.2.1. Are used to study mainly the Sun, stars and supernovas. X-ray telescopes work better at places where Earth's atmosphere don´t interfers with it´s signals (space and places where the atmosphere is thinner).

3.3. Gamma Ray telescopes

3.3.1. They are also use at high altitudes like the x-ray telescopes. They help astronomers confirm events in outer space like supernovas, pulsars and black holes, with the burst of Gamma rays.

3.4. Reflector

3.4.1. It has taken numerous spectacular pictures of far away galaxies, nebulae, a green space blob, beautiful dying stars (one that looks like a butterfly), and amazing infrared and ultraviolet pictures that show an incredible amount of detail.