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Development of our understanding on "Participation" by Mind Map: Development of our understanding
on "Participation"
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Development of our understanding on "Participation"


OS Issue: Sharing our experiences in participation

OS used as a tool itself, facilitated by neutral facilitators who "are not attached by the outcomes" (Yaari & Michael)


OS used as one tool within the process of urban developement -> facilitated by the urban developers themselfs => on the contrary to the facilitators that we met in Berlin  


architects view on "participation" methodology in order to sell as a "product" to the community Critical thoughts: no reflection of the methods no analysis of the derived database

Derriva urbana

Mental Maps

European Neighbourhood Day

World Café

Sara Seravalle

project in Modena


first thoughts about participation

diverse understandings about "participation" - no common understanding about the "meaning" od the word "participation" (different fields, different national traditions)?

New idea

Neue Idee