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1. Haggai Zechariah Malachi Obadiah Joel Jonah

1.1. Prophets who preached during the period of restoration

2. Cyrus I - king of Persia who conquered Babylon; granted permission for the children of Abraham to return to Judea

3. Northern Kingdom

4. Daniel

5. Ezra - sometimes called second Moses; 450-425 bc

6. Nehemiah - leader of Judea; worked wi Ezra to rebuild Judea

7. Southern kingdom

8. Laban-father of Rachel & Leah

9. Old testament people

9.1. Prophets

9.1.1. Elisha

9.1.2. Elijah

9.1.3. Amos

9.1.4. Hosea

9.1.5. Jeremiah

9.1.6. Ezebkiel

9.1.7. Isaiah

9.1.8. Micah

9.2. End of an era

9.2.1. Maccabeus brothers - led the people in a successful rebellion against Antiochus IV Judas Jonathan Simon

9.2.2. Alexander the Great

9.2.3. Antiochus IV - cruel tyrant who tried to force Judah to worship Greek gods

9.2.4. Jewish religion sects that promoted their own versions of religious reform Pharisees Sadducces Essenes

9.3. Abraham & Sarah

9.3.1. Isaac, son of Abraham & Sarah Isaac's Wife-Rebekah Jacob (Israel) Rachel Leah Servant girls- mothers Esau

9.4. Moses Zipporath-wife

9.5. David

9.5.1. Untitled Bathsheba - wife of Uriah and David ; David married her after he arranged to have Uriah killed in battle ; she is mother of Solomon Absalom - one of David's sons; led rebellion against his father Ruth - David's great grandmother

10. Samuel - rejected Saul and anointed David as king to replace Saul

11. Saul - first king of Israel (1030 to 1010 bc)

11.1. Jonathan - son of Saul, close friend of David

12. Pharaoh - leader of Egypt

13. Joshua - Moses, second in command; becomes leader of Israelites when Moses died Caleb - the other of Moses' military leader

13.1. Deborah Gideon Samson - famous judges who governed Israelites after Joshua dies

14. Jethro-Zipporah's father

15. Nathan - prophet and advisor to David

16. Aaron-Moses' Brother and chief assistant

17. Joab - one of David's best, most loyal military leaders