Copy of Virgin Platform

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Copy of Virgin Platform by Mind Map: Copy of Virgin Platform

1. Startup (Pre-track for everyone)

1.1. Product/Service Naming

1.1.1. obtaining domains and social media

1.1.2. legal search

1.2. Idea Validation

1.3. business model canvas

1.4. business structure

1.5. Initial resources ie. CRM, payment processing

2. "On Demand" content (you don't know you need it until you need it)

2.1. Operations

2.2. Marketing

2.3. Strategy

2.4. Hiring

2.5. Features

2.5.1. Real world advice from business icons and 'in-the-trenches' entrepreneurs. Content provided by partners, authors, etc.

3. Branson Business TRACKS

3.1. Apparel & Accessories

3.2. Personal Service business

3.3. Services to Businesses

3.4. Food

3.5. Software / Apps?

3.6. Features

3.6.1. Provides first-hand experience from Branson School alum on each part of their business. Interview to capture their stories and knowledge

3.6.2. Then as students go through course they would add their own insights to make the course living and breathing Part of pledge when they sign on 'to pass it forward'

3.6.3. Buyers/Suppliers directory (i.e. best button supplier, printers, container provider) Wiki so students can add new resources Possible Pool of Providers If some of the companies incubated are business services (i.e. web design, graphics, etc.) a directory would be helpful for new startups too.