What do we know about George Washington?

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What do we know about George Washington? by Mind Map: What do we know about    George Washington?

1. 1st President

1.1. Commander of Paris sent key of the political prison and drawing to George while he was serving his first term as president.

1.2. Elected first president on Feb. 1789

1.3. He was president from 1789-1797

1.4. No political parties at the time

2. American Revolution

2.1. George led American Army

2.2. His courage and leadership helped him win the war

3. House

3.1. Kept treasures in his closet

3.2. In the kitchen, he made buns and breads everyday

3.2.1. Kitchen was separate from the house

3.3. 6 foot wide by 6.5 foot bed

3.3.1. He died in his bed- Dec. 14th, 1799 From a throat infection called epiglottitis

3.4. Farm

3.4.1. Had hogs

3.4.2. Sheep to shear for money

3.4.3. cattle

3.4.4. Fruit Trees

3.4.5. Gardens

3.4.6. Variety of Trees

3.4.7. 16-sided barn

3.5. Old Tomb

3.5.1. 22 Washington family members buried there

4. Characteristics

4.1. Fake Teeth

4.1.1. Made from hippopotamus bone

4.1.2. Began losing teeth at 20

4.2. Favorite food was fish

4.2.1. Served everyday

4.3. Born Feb. 22, 1732

4.4. Did not have a middle name

4.5. First job was wealthy farmer

5. Family

5.1. Step-Daughter

5.2. Granddaughter-Martha Parke Custis Peter

5.3. Wife- Martha Washington

5.3.1. found love letter to her in his desk drawer