Find Me - VR Demo

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Find Me - VR Demo by Mind Map: Find Me - VR Demo

1. Problems

1.1. Problem 1

1.2. Problem 2

1.3. Problem 3

2. Ideas

2.1. Start

2.1.1. Each player is spawned at opposite side of the city

2.1.2. The players are not given any directions on what to do

2.1.3. Text tells each player that there has been an evacuation and you must find the other person to get out of the city together

2.1.4. There is some reason in the game that explains why you need to find this person

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Each player has a cell phone that only works periodically but when it does, it cuts in and out The cell phone has a battery that runs out There are sporadic charging stations around town Charging stations always try to take the player off of the optimal path Charging stations are telephone booths but we don't tell the players they have to discover it Some store fronts have an ad that advertises charging stations added to local phone booths The phones always work pefectly in the phone booths The cell phone signal goes in and out periodically. Messes with the players to frustrate them Example: long walk to charge phone then turn it on only to have no signal Setup environmental effects on the cell phone signal

2.2.2. The comm failures are vaguely explained by some kind of disaster that is left a mystery but ultimately led to the evacuation of the city and had a negative effect on electronics and communications

2.2.3. Every once and a while a GPS map will appear showing the players the city layout around their current location but it only appears for seconds while the only remaining GPS satellite flys overhead

2.2.4. Players are expected to describe their surroundings to each other to guide the other player to them

2.2.5. Landmarks like tall buildings, position of the sun or stars can all be referenced if the players are smart enough to think of it

2.3. End Game

2.3.1. The objective is the find the other player as fast as possible.

2.3.2. The score is a combined team score so it benefits the team to work together and try to meet somewhere half way for the fastest time

2.3.3. There is no time limit but since the score is the time it takes to find each other you can choose to either keep playing until you find each other eventually or quit

2.4. Atmosphere

2.4.1. 3D sounds around the city can sometimes be heard by both players depending upon their proximity to each other and the loudness of the sound

2.4.2. Using the perceived position the sound is coming from the players can attempt to triangulate their position relative to each other and share that information over the radio

2.4.3. The players may reference a unique billboard that both can see

2.4.4. Give streets names and street signs to help navigation Some street signs are missing New Topic All spawn points will be at a key intersection

2.4.5. We might play with time to speed it up a bit to see it change from day to night quickly to introduce different forms of sky navigation techniques like stars versus sun position, or the location of a plane going by for instance, or a sky scraper

2.4.6. The buildings will not be accessible. The entire game will play out in the city streets

2.4.7. The city will be evacuated so only random animals and abandoned cars and trash will be in the roads

2.4.8. Guiding the other player based on what you see can't account for closed off city streets for example Some paths will lead to dead ends such as alley ways with a wall or fence blocking Maybe some streets have massive sink holes that can't be passed and the player has to back track (this would tie into the unexplained disaster) Also, large traffic jams or crashes with buses and stuff could block a path too

2.4.9. Maybe each time the game loads the city streets, obstacles, buildings, and spawn points are all procedurally generated to never have the same experience. Possibly make a collection of mazes that the city layouts are based upon The game would just randomly choose from the set of maze layouts Also the reference objects and sounds would be semi-random but be timed to give a somewhat consistent gameplay experience (don't give too many reference items too early or all at once to make it too easy for instance)

2.5. Prolog

2.5.1. 30 second back story animation

2.5.2. connect people to each other an din context to the story

2.5.3. Use interesting visualizations and sounds in this

2.5.4. possibly a dream like video so we can make it more surreal

3. Action Points

3.1. Learn about the 3D sound API

3.2. Record or download key sounds

3.3. Get 3D model assets for cityscape

3.4. Learn about Unity multiplayer networking

3.5. Learn about day/night cycles

3.6. Learn about controlling a character with an Xbox controller

3.7. Learn about integrating the Oculus SDK

4. Goals

4.1. Utilize 3D Sound Techniques

4.2. Create a Cooperative Multiplayer VR Experience

4.3. Create Environmental Clues for Solving the Puzzle of the Other Players Location