What Is Technology And What Does It All Mean?

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What Is Technology And What Does It All Mean? by Mind Map: What Is Technology And What Does It All Mean?

1. What Did Technology Mean To Me?

1.1. Prior to reading any of the material, and watching videos, I always considered technology something more than just phones, tablets or computers.

1.2. Technology, as a whole, would generally make life easier, such as Neanderthals making simple tools thousands of years ago. These "tools" that they would eventually make and build would lead to create new tools and better "technology".

1.3. I believe that technology is something that we build upon, taking something older and making a new and better product from that, or even creating something entirely new from scratch.

2. References

3. How I Created All Of This!

3.1. MindMeister: https://www.mindmeister.com/#all

3.2. How to use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9q6ipJTuiA

3.3. How was all of this creative?

3.3.1. It was a challenge for me, I am brand new to doing an interactive mind map!

3.3.2. This presentation was a fun way to incorporate visual impact.

3.3.3. As an artist and designer, I love to use color and design to get my point across.

4. What I Now Know What Technology Means

4.1. "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." –Albert Einstein

4.2. How Has My Definition Of Technology Changed?

4.2.1. Technology can be defined as a collection of skills from the beginning of human history.This logic would eventually lead to numerous processes, such as making tools to hunt and gather food, to the invention of the wheel to be used to use larger objects and materials more efficiently.

4.2.2. Now i have realized what technology consists of. Its not only the tools we build, but the ideas and concepts that we create. you can define technology as a way to explain why we have such things as eating utensils, clothing, paper, fabricated items and materials, consumer products, living needs; survival needs etc...

4.2.3. Today, we think of technology as mobile devices or something new; something that has been created in our personal lifetime, after our own birth.

4.3. Technology

4.3.1. Fire Heat and light. Cook food that was otherwise non-edible. Fundamental foundation to sustain life for humans.

4.3.2. Weapons and tools Weapons have made it possible to hunt and gather food. Tools have made it easier to preform tasks otherwise very difficult or impossible.

4.3.3. Building structures We use buildings as facilities to conduct operations such as a work place, educational places, storage, shopping centers etc... We create homes as shelter from the elements, keep our personal belongings and it serves as the place where we live.

4.3.4. Everyday technology Today we use cell phones as personal computers to communicate with each other. we are connected glabally. Technology today has made life so much easier compared to a time in the past. We now have access to the worlds information basically in our pockets, at the tips of our fingers.

4.4. "There are drawbacks to the many advances made in the field of technology." -Lynda Moultry Belcher

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6. Advantages And Disadvantages

6.1. There may be alot of advantages to this new world that we live in, but there is always a downside as well...

6.1.1. What can we benefit from in today's society? Education can be produced in a classroom now where children can learn anything about our world, and there is no need to ever leave a classroom. There are many things, such as jobs now that can be replaced with computers or machines, such as an assembly line. Everything using new technology will always be more efficient.

6.1.2. Is there anything that may cause a disadvantage? The more newer software in computers and devices that come out are making us more dependent on computers and our personal devices. We are becoming less self controlled if we depend on computers to control the things that we do. We are growing to be less reliable, it seems newer technology can almost do it all!