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The ReadyPlayer1 Network by Mind Map: The ReadyPlayer1 Network
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The ReadyPlayer1 Network

The StarCitizen ReadyPlayer1 Network A association of Org-Neutral Social, Economic, and Diplomatic platforms designed to facilitate the community both as players and fans as well as providing tools to train for and excel in the Persistent Universe. Networking at it's finest. Currently reaching THOUSANDS of players across multiple venues, and expanding. Orgs: Contact us to discuss the benefits of sponsorship Community builders: Contact us to see how we can partner for mutual enhancement Individuals: Come find the ultimate home for the free agent, or if you're looking for a capable org, then this is the place as well.

Social Networking

Star Citizen Facebook Group (RP1)

Org Neutral Facebook group. Primary focus: Star Citizen official and unofficial content & discussion, networking, relationship building in preparation for game launch. Secondary focus: Tech, Gaming, Sci-Fi

DISCORD Voice Comms Community Flight Hub

Star Citizen Speakeasy

Associated FB group designed for even lighter moderation.


Station 42

The Reservist

Economic Networking

Astrum Optimus

Chamber of Star Commerce

Mercenary Networking

Ion Industries

Jaeger Freelancing & Logistics

“We take the risk so you don’t have to” Providing integrated security, logistics, mission support and risk management services to corporate, government and private citizens.

Federation of Space Raccoons

610 Tactical Services

Super Orgs Networking

The Corporation

The Corporation ---Building a better tomorrow The Corporation is a galaxy wide organization applying modern technology, science and it’s vast interstellar network of resources to the pursuit of building a better tomorrow for all it’s members. Recruitment Agents Captain-Cypher

Industrial Networking

Virtus Aeterno

Virtus Aeterno, eternal strength, is a Star Citizen organization that focuses on the core fundamentals of playing the BDSSE (Best Damned Space Sim Ever) together: exploring the vast reaches of space, finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, shooting anyone who gets in our way in the face, and having an all around good time as we do it. We here at Virtus understand that everyone plays games differently, that's why we're putting out the call to any and everyone no matter the type of gamer they are. Be it crewman or Captain, pve or pvp'er, station trader or industrial focused character, we accept all kinds. It will take all kinds to full give us access as a group to everything the upcoming universe has to offer!

Social 'Affiliate' Orgs


In game, affiliation only Org that acts as a RP1 association flag similar to a 'friends' list from other games. Without the assumption of friendship, only association with the RP1 group. Voluntary participation.

Pirate Networking

Scorpio Splinter Syndicate

Victory is our goal. We want and welcome fighters with the warrior spirit to add to our band of brothers. Some have fought against us in the past and now have a home with us in the online community. So we welcome all that wish to join us in battle and fight to the end. We don’t look at ourselves as the bad guys, just the guys with the bad ass guns and the experience to use them. Keeping that in mind I would like to add that this is a game and should be enjoyed. Recruitment Agents Sequoia Dark Angel

Military Networking


The United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves (UEENR) is a brotherhood of former servicemen and women, who realise that although you may leave the Navy, the Navy never truly leaves you. So after your Squadrion 42 tour ends, join the Naval Reserves & together we’ll continue to loyally serve the Empire The UEENR offers the most authentic Mil sim experience you'll find outside of Squadron 42 as well as offering a supportive community where you'll find reliable wingmen as well as making some good friends. We've got opportunities available in Tactical, Reconnaissance and Logistics.So no matter how you wish to serve, we've got the place for you.

Freelance Org Networking


From giant magnets to two ton anvils, there isn’t a product or service that ACME Corporation is unable or unwilling to provide…..for a fee. Acme Corporation is a small Org that isn't looking to fill line numbers with personnel. We are looking for real people, who are active and want to play together. Acme Corp understands that how you intend to enjoy the game, and how you do enjoy the game once the Persistent Universe launches may change. To that end, we are very open on the direction of the Corp and are looking for open minds, and quality people. Spend some time flying with us, and see if we're the right group for you! Active Timezone: Evenings Eastern US Recruiting Agents Big Vitamin

Independent Captains

Jarman's Flight Crew

Captain of a Banu vessel, focused on small scale operations with a close group of friends and escorts.