Student Government

This is the current depository of information for the the Planning Stage during Summer 2010

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Student Government by Mind Map: Student Government

1. Projects (David)

1.1. Broadcast Meetings on Main Stage Screen

1.1.1. Every Weekly Meeting ACTION: Develop Plan for Broadcasts Cara Says: I don't know about live broadcasts, but we can reserve the screen on any days there are not already events. We will need to chat about the broadcast option. I thought we had decided to forego this in favor of monthly socials/open meetings?

1.2. Social Events once per Month

1.2.1. Held in Student Center Cara Says: Leigha and I already reserved space for this.

1.2.2. Coincides with General Meetings Action: Develop plan for flow of meeting

1.2.3. September 13th, October 4th, November 1st Action: If dates are available reserve the student center for Meetings

1.3. Volunteer Work in Community

1.3.1. Highway Cleanup Research: Find out who to contact for signing up and requirements

1.3.2. Fire Station Fundraising Decission: What form of fund raising and when/where to be held

1.3.3. Student Mentoring Center Point Contact: Dr. Kathleen Woodward for more information (Service Learning 1502)

1.3.4. ODIIR MLK Day Of Service Contact: Check with Christie Cruise-Harper about event details

1.3.5. Habitat for Humanity Research: Find local Chapter and contact for more information about helping

1.3.6. Environmental Awareness work for Earth Day Friday April 22nd 2011 Decission: Need to decide on event details

1.4. Cram Jam

1.4.1. Decission: Choose if we want to reserve money to fund or wait and use any excess in budget

1.5. Outreach to Local High Schools

1.5.1. Targeting High School Student Councils Contact: Talk to CRay about and Administration about what is possible and details about going forward

1.6. Team Building Excursion

1.6.1. Ropes Course? How much money? Contact: Find and contact local provider How many SGA members will commit? Cash Deposit to be given back when Students attend Excursion Check with Cara

1.7. Promote Student Discounts

1.7.1. Promote Local Business Discounts for Students Contact: Check with local business' to find out who offers discounts and how much. Taco Bell Contact: Check with Taco Bell My Pie Contact: Check with My Pie

1.7.2. Promote Discounted Windows/Office Programs Decission: Decide what method to promote MS discounted software

1.7.3. Apple Discounts Contact: Check with Apple store about current student discounts

1.8. Child Care Partnership Program

1.8.1. Cara says: I'd need to know more about this before I can comment.

1.9. Change Graduation Ceremony Venue

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Represent College to University System/SAC

2.2. Represent/Communicate with Students

2.2.1. Administration

2.2.2. Public Safety

2.2.3. Public

2.2.4. Student Body

2.2.5. Other Schools

2.3. Finish Food Services Policy Reform

2.4. Pass New Constitution

2.5. Temporary Assisted Parking Service (TAPS)

2.6. Develop Sustainable SGA Website

2.6.1. Contest or Request to Computer Science/Design Students for Extra Credit for Wordpress Blog

2.7. Blood Drive

2.8. Spring & Fall Carnivals

2.9. Commit to Parliamentary Procedure

2.9.1. Procedure Training for SGA Members

2.9.2. Designate Parliamentarian

3. Organization (Andrew)

3.1. Office Organization

3.1.1. Filing System Digital and/or Paper Meeting Agendas Exec Meeting Minutes General Assembly Meeting Minutes Finished Documents/Projects posted on website Secure Paperwork (locked filing cabinets?) ACTION: Research Filing Cabinet Costs

3.1.2. Office Hours To Be Announced

3.1.3. Officer Responsibilities P VP S T Money Budget Planning

3.1.4. Coordinate Committees Work

3.1.5. Integrated Calendars Preferred Option: Outlook

3.1.6. SGA Members Contact List Executive Email Distribution List Committee Member Distribution Lists General Assembly Distribution Lists ACTION: Figure out how to share distribution lists

3.2. Roberts Rules of Order

3.2.1. Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes

3.2.2. Give out training materials

3.2.3. Designate Parliamentarian

3.2.4. Learn and Enforce

3.3. Committees

3.3.1. Ad-Hoc Committees Food Services TAPS Rideshare Program

3.3.2. Standing Committees (chair remains constant) Recruitment High School Outreach Campus/Public Relations Blood Drive Fall Carnival Spring Carnival Social Events Fundraising raffles sell donated items silent auction selling pictures with holiday creatures Child Care Partnership Program Research Current discounts to GSC Students/Faculty

3.4. Constitution

3.4.1. Things to be Added Voting/Non Voting Members Amendment/By-Law Process

4. People (Andrew)

4.1. Officers

4.1.1. President Andrew Wilkinson

4.1.2. Vice President Leigha Fouts

4.1.3. Secretary Casey Fronek?

4.1.4. Treasurer David Spencer

4.2. General Assembly

4.2.1. Website Admin Daniel Bentley

4.3. Students

4.3.1. Primary Demographics Traditional, 2-year, Transfer to other Colleges, Commuter Non-Traditional

4.3.2. Secondary Demographics Growing number of 4-year students NGSCU Brenau Lanier Tech

4.3.3. ACTION: Research Student Body Demographics

4.4. Student Organizations

4.4.1. SPS

4.4.2. LSA

4.4.3. ISA

4.4.4. PTK

4.4.5. CAB

4.4.6. BSA

5. Meetings

5.1. Committees

5.1.1. as needed

5.2. Executive

5.2.1. Once per week, prepares for General Assembly

5.2.2. Decide on Executive Meeting Day/Time

5.3. General Assembly

5.3.1. Part of social event?

5.3.2. Every Monday at 12pm

5.4. Office Hour Consultations

5.4.1. Officers need to set Office Hours

5.5. Ice breaker/teambuilder

6. Goals (Leigha)

6.1. Engage with Student Body

6.1.1. More Face-to-Face interaction

6.1.2. Facebook Fan Page

6.1.3. SGA Website

6.1.4. Broadcast Weekly Meetings

6.1.5. Setup Suggestion Boxes

6.1.6. Write more pieces for the Compass

6.2. Become a more fun organization

6.2.1. Team Building

6.3. Build School Spirit

6.3.1. Support Intramural Sports

6.3.2. Community Service

6.3.3. Promote Student Organization Accomplishments

6.4. Develop closer ties to Community

6.4.1. Community Service

6.4.2. Community Events

6.4.3. Promote Local Business with GSC Student Discount Action: Find places to serve the community

6.5. Develop Leadership Skills

6.5.1. Leadership Conferences ASGA GCLC Governor's Mansion GSC Leadership Conference

6.5.2. ACTION: find out the dates to these events

6.6. Guest Speakers @ meetings

6.6.1. Off-campus

6.6.2. On-campus