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Student Government by Mind Map: Student Government
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Student Government

Projects (David)

Broadcast Meetings on Main Stage Screen

Social Events once per Month

Volunteer Work in Community

Cram Jam

Outreach to Local High Schools

Team Building Excursion

Promote Student Discounts

Child Care Partnership Program

Change Graduation Ceremony Venue


Represent College to University System/SAC

Represent/Communicate with Students

Finish Food Services Policy Reform

Pass New Constitution

Temporary Assisted Parking Service (TAPS)

Develop Sustainable SGA Website

Blood Drive

Spring & Fall Carnivals

Commit to Parliamentary Procedure

Organization (Andrew)

Office Organization

Roberts Rules of Order



People (Andrew)


General Assembly


Student Organizations




General Assembly

Office Hour Consultations

Ice breaker/teambuilder

Goals (Leigha)

Engage with Student Body

Become a more fun organization

Build School Spirit

Develop closer ties to Community

Develop Leadership Skills

Guest Speakers @ meetings