Language Program Standards

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Language Program Standards by Mind Map: Language Program Standards

1. Two-Way Immersion

1.1. Should significantly improve language proficiency in two languages.

1.2. Integrates language and content instruction

1.3. Vocabulary

1.3.1. Display, present information

1.3.2. Acquire information and skills

1.3.3. Interact with others

1.3.4. Communicate knowledge

1.3.5. Store and retrieve knowledge

1.3.6. Shift across modalities

1.3.7. Express ideas about concepts being studied

1.4. Grammar

1.4.1. Proactive Instruction: pre-planning lessons and creating materials for noticing activities

1.4.2. Noticing Activities: using tools such as visual reminders for student assistance and reference

1.4.3. Reactive Instruction: instructor provides immediate feedback on grammar to ensure that mistakes or poor habits don't continue.

2. Content Based ESL

2.1. Proficiency Standards

2.1.1. Communicate for social, intercultural and instructional purposes

2.1.2. Communicate for academic success in Language Arts

2.1.3. Communicate for academic success in Mathematics

2.1.4. Communicate for academic success in Science

2.1.5. Communicate for academic success in Social Studies

2.2. Grade Level Clusters

2.2.1. Pre K-K: focus on nurturing learning environment

2.2.2. 1-3: focus on learning to read

2.2.3. 4-5: focus on reading to learn

2.2.4. 6-8: varied range of performance

2.2.5. 9-12: very demanding for ELL

2.3. Language Domains

2.3.1. Listening

2.3.2. Speaking

2.3.3. Reading

2.3.4. Writing

2.4. Levels of Language Proficiency

2.4.1. Starting: have little to no English language experience

2.4.2. Emerging: some language understanding, able to say certain words and phrases

2.4.3. Developing: able to communicate at a basic level but limited by vocabulary

2.4.4. Expanding: able to communicate well in daily activities however, concepts may still be challenging to understand

2.4.5. Bridging: minimal support needed and near fluency is achieved