Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs by Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. can

1.1. I can speak five languages.

1.2. Bill and Tom can't help you.

1.3. Can they work late tonight?

2. May

2.1. As "could", "may" is used to indicate possibilities in the future.

2.2. I would bring an umbrella, it may rain later.

2.3. You may leave if you like.

2.4. May I have a glass of water?

3. Might

3.1. "Might" is used to indicate possibilities in the present or the future. In these cases, it is synonymous with "may".

3.2. You can also use as "may", to ask permission or make polite requests, although this use is much more common.

3.3. I would bring an umbrella, it might rain later.

4. definition: are auxiliary verbs that can not function as a main verb, unlike auxiliary verbs "be", "do" and "have" that they can function as a main verb.

4.1. Goal 1

4.2. Goal 2

4.3. Goal 3

5. Could

5.1. It Could "is the past of" can "

5.2. I couldn't sleep last night.

5.3. I think it could rain later.

5.4. Could you pass the salt please?

6. Will

6.1. As we have seen, "it will" is used to form the future tense.

6.2. I will help you.

6.3. Will you help me move?

7. Shall

7.1. "Shall" is used as "will" to form the future tense. The use of "shall" is much more common.

7.2. Chris shall be happy to see you.

7.3. Shall we go to the movies or a museum?

8. Should

8.1. "Should" indica una obligación o recomendación. Refleja una opinión sobre lo que es correcto

8.2. You shouldn't work so hard.

8.3. Should we leave a tip?

9. Ought to

9.1. "Ought to" is synonymous with "should".

9.2. She ought to quit smoking.

9.3. Note: Never "ought to" used in interrogative sentences

10. Must

10.1. "Must" indicates an obligation, prohibition or need. You can also use "have to"

10.2. You must [have to] read this book, it's fantastic.

10.3. John's not here. He must be sick because he never misses class.

10.4. Must you always be late?

11. Would

11.1. "Would" is used to declare a preference and to ask for something politely.

11.2. She would like to go to New York someday.

11.3. Would you like some coffee?