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Trainers by Mind Map: Trainers

1. Where did they get the material to make trainers?

1.1. How much was the material?

1.2. What material was it?

1.3. Was the material expensive?

1.4. Who made the material?

2. What was the first brand trainers?

2.1. Is it a brand that we know now?

2.2. When did everyone know about these trainers?

3. Did many people buy the first ever trainers?

3.1. What did they think of the trainers?

3.2. Was it mainly adults buying the trainers?

3.2.1. How many trainers were bought?

3.3. Where was it first sold?

4. How was the first trainers designed?

4.1. What colour was the trainers?

4.2. Who designed the trainers?

5. When was the first trainers invented?

5.1. What did the first trainers look like?

5.2. Who wore the first trainers?

5.3. Why was the first trainers made?

5.4. Where was the first trainers made?

6. Was the first trainers laces or straps?

6.1. How much was the laces or straps?

6.2. When was the laces and straps invented?