Tools available for Online Student Success

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Tools available for Online Student Success by Mind Map: Tools available for Online Student Success

1. Koller, D. (n.d.). What we're learning from online education. Retrieved May 29, 2015, from

2. Electronic Books

2.1. Strenghts

2.1.1. Ebooks can be printable or read online. (Epublisher. 2015)

2.1.2. Ebooks can be hyper-linked, for easier access to additional information. (Epublisher. 2015)

2.1.3. Ebooks are cheaper to buy. (Epublisher. 2015)

2.1.4. Can be a great tool for students that are visual learners The pros.. 2015)

2.2. Weaknesses

2.2.1. Can be a disadvantage for students who prefer to hold a traditional book. (The pros.. 2015)

2.2.2. Some electronic books need internet connection to access them

3. Videos (Koller. 2015)

3.1. Strenghts

3.1.1. Convenient to watch (Pappas 2015)

3.1.2. "Portable classroom" (Pappas 2015)

3.1.3. Re-watchable - to learn and understand

3.2. Weaknesses

3.2.1. Can be difficult to learn if it does not match your learning style

3.2.2. Without internet, no access to videos

4. Websites/Applications (Peter.2015)

4.1. Strengths

4.1.1. Many online tools out there for online students (How online learning.. 2015)

4.1.2. Websites and applications give students learning tools on the go (How online learning.. 2015)

4.2. Weaknesses

4.2.1. Requires internet connection for learning (How online learning.. 2015)

4.2.2. Can have misleading information (How online learning.. 2015)

5. Refernces

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6. Online Communication

6.1. Strenghts (Types of Online 2015)

6.1.1. Many different ways online for students to communicate with each other

6.1.2. Allows students to talk to each other even with language barriers and or time zone differences

6.1.3. Easy to facilitate

6.2. Weaknesses (Types of Online 2015)

6.2.1. Can be difficult to keep track of the conversation

6.2.2. Not personal (1 on 1) conversations