More (short film)

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More (short film) by Mind Map: More (short film)

1. control

1.1. control of outer world

1.1.1. perception of external world conscious delusion "Ignorance is bliss"

1.1.2. job

1.1.3. consumer culture

1.2. control of inner self

1.2.1. inner light inner child?

1.2.2. creativity

1.3. How does control affect happiness?

1.4. Is control real or just an illusion?

2. similarity to Citizen Kane

2.1. "rosebud" and merry-go-round

2.2. what is wealth? power? control?

2.2.1. control over external world

2.2.2. control over perception of external world

2.2.3. control through political power

2.2.4. control through technology

3. what is technology? and what is its purpose?

3.1. Thoreau quote, "Our inventions are ... but improved means to an unimproved end."

3.2. purpose

3.2.1. What is the problem to which this technology is the solution?

3.3. shortcut

3.3.1. illusion

3.4. slavery to our inventions

4. what is happiness?

4.1. childhood

4.1.1. can the carefree happiness of childhood be retrieved in adulthood?

4.1.2. innocence vs ignorance "Ignorance is bliss"

4.2. seeking

4.2.1. seeking through creation

4.2.2. seeking through change

4.3. dreams

4.3.1. what do dreams show us?

4.3.2. memory and imagination

5. from slave to slave driver

5.1. are slave and slave driver the same thing?

5.2. what is the mechanism that enables and/or perpetuates slavery?

5.2.1. does technology play this role?

6. symbols

6.1. inner light

6.1.1. gift?

6.1.2. vision?

6.1.3. sense?

6.1.4. seed of happiness?

6.1.5. Why does the light go away in the end?

6.2. Happy Product/Bliss Product

6.2.1. consumerism slavery?

6.2.2. the factory school?

6.3. invention/creation

6.4. merry-go-round/colorful children

6.5. colors

6.5.1. gray world

6.5.2. yellow product

6.5.3. rainbow colors children inner light Bliss perception

6.6. dreams