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(Grp05)_Nature and Man by Mind Map: (Grp05)_Nature and Man
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(Grp05)_Nature and Man

Time and Space (Longitude)







Alchemy=>Transmutation=> Gold

Alchemy was developed in Egypt and China...

It was brought into Europe from Egypt by Muslims during the eighth century.

Artists used knowledge gained from alchemy to make pigments of various exotic shades and colors.

Alchemists were ahead of their time in their use of different types of reasoning...

This is largely due to the enormous amount of self gain that would be gained by it (transforming any element into gold).

While never reaching their final destination of transforming other materials...

(primarily lead) into gold, or creating the elixir of life, alchemists did make many other scientific discoveries along the way.

Although alchemy was purseud by very many people, some famous alchemists include Cornelius Agrippa, John Dee, and Paracelsus.

The Problem of Dome







Linear Perspective and Vision

Linear Perspective and Vision

It is an optical illusion of space and distance on a flat surface. There is a vanishing point in which all the orthogonals appear to meet. The orthogonals are visual rays that help connect points to the vanishing point. The horizontal line is where the sky meets the ground.

Pu04b_European Renaissance Crossword Puzzle

East-West and North-South

"Proportion" and the Fibonacci Square


comparison/ratio of at least two variablesNo one is sure who discovered the concept of proportions.

Fibonacci Sequence

Golden Ratio-->In your Face!


Target Face

FilmQ04b_The Renaissance

The Medici Family helped Florence gain power!

Niccolo Machiavelli was the political adviser of the Medici Family

Men are ungrateful liars who are greedy for profits

A work of art needed harmony, correct proportions, and exact colors

Bankers charged 45% interest, making them powerful as warlords