PHY 112 Summer 2010

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PHY 112 Summer 2010 by Mind Map: PHY 112 Summer 2010

1. Topics

1.1. Circuits

1.2. Electricity

1.3. Education System

1.4. Lenz's Law

1.5. Electromagnetism

1.6. Resistors

1.7. Electromagnetic Radiation

1.8. Light Spectrums

1.9. Nuclear Fission

1.9.1. Self Sufficient

1.9.2. Requires "Nuclear Fuels" which are chemicals that split the nuclei

1.9.3. Is involved in both weaponry, and Power.

1.10. Telescopes

1.10.1. Refraction Lenses

1.10.2. Reflection Mirrors

2. Questions

2.1. If we can recognize what is wrong with today's education system why is it that it hasn't changed?

2.2. What is an applicable object that has a parallel circuit?

2.3. Where else do people create Solonoids, for the Electromagnetic force?

2.4. How does an Oscillator work? And what does the transformer do if it doesn't transform the DC into AC?

2.5. What are other chemicals that are popular for nuclear fission besides uranium and plutonium?

2.6. Does a car powered by Nuclear Energy seem feasible in the near future?