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Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker by Mind Map: Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
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Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker

Instantaneous creation

God created man in his form today. no evolution

Guided Evolution

God guides evolutionary process of man


Key Points



The Selfish Gene

Argues against Paley and in support of neo-Darwinian evolution


Most people do not understand it

Does not happen by chance

Types, Single-step selection, sorts or filters all items once and for all, filtering sand once and looking for formation only once, Cumulative selection, non-random process, filers repeatedly


In need of advocacy more than other branches of science

Dawkins: Brain was specifically design to misunderstand Darwinism, Complex things are attributes to chance, Timescales, Brains are built to focus on small time frame, not millions of years, Complex design, Something must be complex in order for it to be premeditated/crafted


Argument from Design, Paley, Hume for opposed argument from design

Blind Watchmaker

Nature is as, if not more complex than a watch

However, nature is not designed like a watch, no plan for the future, no vision, no foresight

"The essence of life is statistically improbably one"



Complexity and Systems in Nature


Pebbles at beach are not arranged randomly, Could be explained by natives as an act of a god

Holes, Only smaller particles can fit inside the hole, Sieve

Solar System, orbits