Control Engineering

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Control Engineering by Mind Map: Control Engineering

1. anatomy

1.1. control systems are SISO systems, single‐input‐single‐output, as opposed to MIMO systems.


2.1. Is an arrangement of physical components connected in such a manner as to command, direct, or regulate itself or another system


3.1. Comparator

3.2. Controller

3.3. Actuato

3.4. Plant

3.4.1. Project Sponsor

3.4.2. Project Manager

3.4.3. Developers

3.4.4. Primary User Group

3.4.5. Supporting Staff

3.5. Sensor

4. types of control loops

4.1.  Positioner

4.2.  Regulator


5.1. Biological Systen: Reaching for an object

5.2. Laser positioning system in a CD/DVD drive

5.3. Magnetic levitation transport

5.4. Aircraft autopilot

5.5. Control of CPU temperature

5.6. Adaptative cruise control

6. Problems

6.1.  The force on the brake pedal is sensed as a desired braking force.  The greater the pedal force, the greater the force applied by the brake pads to the brake discs.

6.1.1. the connection between fuel in and electricity out is not direct.