app's return point

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app's return point by Mind Map: app's return point

1. Recent

1.1. New messages in chat

1.2. new messages in groupchat

1.3. New calls

1.4. DialPad (digits pad)

1.4.1. suggestions Call price Free if country is in Avox list Otherwise rate per minute favorites recent numbers

1.4.2. Dialnumber Call progress page call duration quality contact info Phone number Contact name Speakerphone Hold Conference call Transfer call to another Avox device Country name display, when first digits entering phone number to show booked number list

2. intro

2.1. EULA sign at first start

2.2. tutorial video

2.2.1. why free?

2.2.2. share minutes

2.2.3. use direct numbers

2.3. login page

2.3.1. Registration

2.4. logo + slogan + version page

3. Contacts

3.1. quick search

3.2. contact profile

3.2.1. name

3.2.2. phone numbers

3.2.3. photo

3.2.4. custom ringtone

3.3. edit

3.4. remove

3.5. schedule call

3.5.1. enter date

3.5.2. enter time

3.5.3. Notification (Vibrate, Sound)

3.6. make favorite

3.7. Contact groups

3.7.1. Avox contacts

3.7.2. All contacts

3.7.3. Favorites

4. More

4.1. User profile

4.1.1. Nickname change

4.1.2. photo change from library camera

4.2. phone numbers

4.2.1. booked numbers

4.2.2. book a number Choose country/prefix book show month fee show using rules

4.2.3. sim cards numbers

4.3. social network connect

4.3.1. post about Avox In Twitter In Facebook

4.3.2. add contacts from SN profile

4.4. information about product

4.4.1. version number

4.4.2. logo + slogan

4.4.3. background picture

4.5. privacy

4.5.1. send seen status yes no

4.5.2. blocked contacts list

4.5.3. collect analytics data yes no

4.5.4. privacy policy

4.5.5. EULA

4.5.6. delete account

4.6. addons

4.6.1. spoin - bitcoin wallet addon Application allows to earn spoins and convert them in to bitcoin. More minutes to share more spoins to earn.

4.6.2. smart answerphone addon Application answers phone and chat messages

4.6.3. Calls record addon

4.6.4. more addons

4.7. Notifications

4.7.1. show message preview

4.7.2. contacts joined Avox

4.7.3. show minutes sharing

4.8. Sound

4.8.1. default ringtone

4.8.2. Vibrate on ring

4.8.3. Message tone

4.8.4. Vibrate on message

4.9. Share minutes

4.9.1. yes

4.9.2. no

4.10. Top-up balance

4.10.1. Visa

4.10.2. Bitcoin

4.10.3. Spoin

5. Chat and groupchat list

5.1. Chat

5.1.1. New chats first

5.1.2. Texting with multimedia plain text Send Photo from the library Photo from camera video from camera Location info (GPS) sticker library Download new sticker group

5.1.3. Contact Status online away offline

5.1.4. Message status in chat statusless sent delivered seen

5.1.5. Chat settings chat background set choose picture from library photo from camera video add contact to chat contact delete and block

5.1.6. Contact or group call

5.1.7. voice recognition text enter

5.2. Groupchat

5.2.1. settings admin users users add admin add user delete group

6. Status bar with connection status