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FEC.gov by Mind Map: FEC.gov

1. Header

1.1. About the FEC

1.1.1. The commissioners Former FEC commissioners Donald F. McGahn Cynthia L. Bauerly Hans A. von Spakovsky Robert D. Lenhard Michael E. Toner Bradley A. Smith David M. Mason Karl J. Sandstrom Darryl R. Wold Trevor Potter Scott E. Thomas Thomas J. Josefiak Danny L. McDonald Lee Ann Elliott Ann M. Ravel Caroline C. Hunter Steven T. Walter Matthew S. Petersen Ellen L. Weintraub Lee E. Goodman

1.1.2. Mission and history

1.1.3. FEC offices (org chart) Staff director General counsel Inspector general Chief financial officer

1.1.4. Employment

1.1.5. Equal employment opportunity Limited English proficiency

1.1.6. Working with the FEC

1.1.7. Plans, performance and buget

1.1.8. Open government at the FEC

1.1.9. Commission directives

1.2. Press Office

1.2.1. News releases

1.2.2. Weekly digests

1.2.3. Campaign finance statistics

1.2.4. Resources Useful links FAQs FEC Data Tutorials Submit a data request

1.2.5. Press contacts

1.2.6. RSS Feeds

1.3. Quick Answers

1.3.1. General questions

1.3.2. Disclosure questions

1.3.3. Compliance questions

1.3.4. Filing questions

1.3.5. Candidate questions

1.3.6. PAC questions

1.3.7. Party questions

1.3.8. Public funding questions

1.4. Contact Us

1.5. Site Map

1.6. Search

2. Footer

2.1. What's new

2.2. Library

2.3. FOIA

2.4. USA.gov

2.5. Privacy

2.6. Links

2.7. eFiling

2.8. Inspector General

2.9. No Fear Act

2.10. Subscribe

3. Sidebar

3.1. Campaign finance disclosure portal

3.1.1. Graphic data presentations Presidential map House & senate map National party committee summaries House independent expenditure map Senate independent expenditure map Political action committee summaries

3.1.2. Searchable systems Candidate & committee viewer Data catalog Independent expenditure search Individual contribution search

3.1.3. Downloadable data Data catalog Larger data sets Electioneering communications Presidential matching fund submissions Contribution files Campaign summaries Electronically filed reports (.FEC files)

3.1.4. Other campaign finance data

3.1.5. Using FEC public records

3.2. Meetings and hearings

3.2.1. Commission meetings Agenda (1..N) Sunshine act notice (1..N)

3.2.2. Public hearings

3.2.3. Calendar

3.2.4. Audio recordings

3.3. Enforcement matters

3.3.1. Enforcement profile

3.3.2. Matters under review (MURs) Filing a complaint Recent and ongoing initiatives Search closed MUR files 1999 to present Search closed MUR files 1975 - 1998

3.3.3. Administrative fine program How the administrative fine program works Administrative fine regulations Penalty calculator Search closed admin fines files

3.3.4. Alternate dispute resolution

3.3.5. Enforcement query system

3.3.6. Audit reports Authorized committees Unauthorized committees Title 26 committees Audit report search system

3.4. Help with reporting and compliance

3.4.1. Filing information Reporting dates Electronic filing Reporting forms Filing with other agencies - IRS

3.4.2. Compliance map

3.4.3. Publications Campaign guides Brochures FEC record BCRA information

3.4.4. Educational outreach E-learning Conferences Roundtable workshops Public appearances

3.4.5. Tips for treasurers

3.4.6. Reports analysis FAQs

3.5. Law, regulations, and procedures

3.5.1. Federal campaign finance laws

3.5.2. Commission regulations Search and comment on rulemakings

3.5.3. Bipartisan campaign reform act

3.5.4. Policy statements & other guidance

3.5.5. Procedural materials

3.5.6. Advisory opinions Search AOs How to request an AO Procedures regarding draft AOs

3.5.7. Litigation

3.6. Commission calendar

3.7. Recent developments in the law

3.8. FEC Jobs

3.9. Documents on Enforcement & Compliance Practices