Electromagnetic Radiation

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Electromagnetic Radiation by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Radiation

1. Speed, Frequency, Wavelength, energy and propagation

2. Source of all EMR is accelerating charge

3. EMR Spectrum

3.1. Relationship/Location of different "bands" of spectrum.

3.2. Uses/Examples of various bands

3.3. What accelerating charge is responsible for each band?

4. Interactions with matter (along with which representation best describes interaction and how frequency/wavelength play a role)

4.1. Reflection

4.2. Refraction

4.3. Dispersion

4.4. Diffraction

4.5. Interference

4.6. Polarization

4.7. Absorption

4.8. Scattering

4.9. Transparent, translucent, and opaque

4.10. Flourescence

4.11. Phosphorescence

4.12. Color

4.12.1. Additive model - Light mixing

4.12.2. Subtractive model - pigment mixing

4.12.3. Physical vs. Physiological light

5. Representations - wave, ray, particle, wave front, wave packet