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T-shirt Marketing by Mind Map: T-shirt Marketing

1. STEP 2 – Come up with a design that you can “SCALE”

1.1. The KEY: Design that can scale, come up with a few variations. Test them in 3-5 markets. If the design converts into sales, you can now widen the net into 10..20...50...

2. STEP 1 - Find your audience first & then figure out what to sell those passionate people!

2.1. focus on at least 2 layers in FB Audience

2.1.1. Location/Passion The more layers you can hit on, the better chance you have of getting someone that did not intend to pull out their credit card for a shirt that day You know more about your custom audience’s online habits than they do! Think about it, you know everything about them from your original ad targeting: Age, sex, location, passion, occupation, home owners, income, and the just everything that is a marketers dream. To have a clickable image you simply put in the link to your Teespring page in your post and it will populate an image and ad copy. You have a clickable image. If you want to use your own image to make it clickable, when it “populates” the image there will be on option on that image to upload an image. Non-clickable image – Meaning, when your traffic clicks the image, it will open it up larger and not direct to the sales page on Teespring. They will still need to click your URL in your post in order to get to the page and buy the shirt. You will get a much more “passionate” custom audience this way, because only your best traffic will make the effort to see the page which involves two clicks if they start by clicking the image. Page post engagements vs bidding for clicks: If you are going to use “clickable” images, have Facebook bid for your clicks by “optimizing to bid for clicks” – THIS IS WHY: You are taking traffic straight away from Facebook when they click, right? FACEBOOK WANTS TRAFFIC TO STAY ON FACEBOOK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, IT ONLY MAKES SENSE. SO you want to bid for that click and let them optimize it for you. If you are not having traffic click directly away from Facebook, meaning using non clickable images then do PPE! Making it easy for traffic to leave Facebook? Bid for the click. Making it easy for traffic to stay social, and on Facebook? Page post engagements.

3. STEP 3 - Designing: Pixlr.com – it’s free and there are plenty of useful tutorials on Youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pixlr+tutorials

3.1. Or, if you can't design; go to Fiverr.com and search for “tshirt design”, and there will be no shortage of designers, just sort by ratings to find top rated designers.

3.1.1. My time and your time is much better spent growing our businesses not designing T-Shirts.

3.1.2. The two most important things are your design and your targeting, and your targeting is THE most important.

3.1.3. So, ideally you want to spend the “least” amount of time worrying if your design is perfect and the most amount of time on your targeting and finding the perfect audience (PRO TIP – Teespring, black/dark colored shirts sell the best so stick with those to start to increase your chances of winning.

4. STEP 4 - Put up your T-Shirt campaigns may seem trivial to most, but you have to set up your T- Shirt in order to send traffic to it.

4.1. You head over to http://www.teespring.com and create your account if you have not. You then click “Launch new campaign:

4.2. Set up a goal of 50 because that is what it starts on.

4.3. Add in 3 colors of the basic tees, 3 colors of the Hoodies, and 3 colors of the Tanks. Change this up, no tanks, all basic Tees, or only basic tees and hoodies. Think about your audience, what would they like to wear other than a tee? Hoodie? Tank tops? Then use those.

4.4. Pricing: The price your niche will pay is directly related to the passion and money spent on the niche. Instead of focusing on what to price the shirt, focus on how much you want to make per sale.

4.5. Campaign Title: Put a question in the campaign title. If you don’t ask a question, then make a statement.

4.6. Descriptions: Descriptions are usually short with 2 important things: 1) The shirt name/words in quotations 2) Trust factor “This girl may live in New City but LOVES to HUNT!” We accept Paypal & All major credit cards.

4.6.1. A large portion of FB traffic (can be mobile newsfeed) and is given a “mini-sales page” because on a mobile phone whatever is at the very top of your listing is what will show on the mobile phone.

4.7. Campaign Length: A good sweet spot is 7 days.

4.7.1. These ads can take 1-2 days to really take off sometimes and the 1 week “sale” just makes “sense” If 7 days is not enough; when your campaign ends you simply pause your ad, click “reopen” on your campaign inside of Teespring. Then... turn your ad back on. You keep the same post, same ad, same shares and social proof.

4.8. Choose URL: Just make something clean, relevant and short.

5. STEP 5 – Create a Post on your Fanpage so that you can run an advertisement to it.

5.1. 1) Create Fanpage 2) Find image relevant to niche with red in it by typing in “red niche image” under http://www.images.google.com 3) Create your post that you will send traffic too.

5.2. Now, on your brand new fanpage, with ZERO fans, 1 image, and ZERO posts... this is what you do.

5.2.1. Write a simple and engaging post. Ask a question and then tell them to click the link. The answer to the question for them should be “YES” or you've targeted wrong. EXAMPLE: Do you LOVE to HUNT? Miss hunting BACK HOME? THEN CLICK: URLHEREFORTEESHIRT.COM *tell them to perform a different engaging action*” ** Tell them something else to do here such as share, or tag in someone, or like the post.

6. STEP 6 - Create a Custom Audience

6.1. From your Facebook ads manager, on the left hand side click “audiences”

6.2. op right hand side, click “Create audience, custom audience”

6.3. Create custom audience from your website

6.4. Name your audience, add description, select “people visiting specific pages and add in the URL of your Teespring page and create. (Save for as many days as you like. The max is 180)

6.5. Make sure you add your custom audience pixel in your teespring account! Under your campaign settings while logged into teespring and on the left click “retargeting pixels”. There you will see the exact instructions to put your pixel in there. You only need do this once!

6.6. Set up an Advertisement and Run Traffic to your Post!

6.6.1. The best time to run ads is from 7 AM PST to 930 PM PST, or 10 am EST to 1230 midnight at the moment of typing this. Always test!