Theresa Knorr

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Theresa Knorr by Mind Map: Theresa Knorr

1. Nurture

1.1. Socialization^1

1.1.1. Primary agent Institutions failed to take care of her family

1.2. Behavioural Psychologist and Behavioural/Learning theory- Pavlov and Skinner ^1

1.2.1. Conditioned her sons to carry out her crimes Ex. Disposing of their sister's bodies

1.2.2. Had a reward and punishment system for her childern Punisment Received more abuse Reward less abuse from Theresa

1.3. Cognitive Psychology- Albert Bandura^2

1.3.1. Was abused by her father Later abused her own children, especially her older daughters Later tortured her daughters and killed them

1.4. Psycho dynamic Theory- Karen Horney^1

1.4.1. Theresa depended on her first husband for love

2. Nature

2.1. Mental Illness^2

2.1.1. Depression When her mother died When she lived an unhappy life

2.1.2. Psychopath Received pleasure from harming her childern

2.1.3. Obsessive Hated to be lonly Wanted anyone to make her feel spcial Become possessive over her husband

3. Nature and Nurture

3.1. Mary Ainsworth Attachment Theory^1

3.1.1. Lacked attachment from father Due to physical, mental, and sexual abuse

3.1.2. Had no real attachment only her hunsbands Lacked attachment for her childern Severely abusing them Killed 2 of her daughters Force feed them

3.2. Erik Erikson- Psychosocial development^2

3.2.1. During her teens, the only person she loved died Her mother died in Theresa's arms

3.2.2. Identity vs. Role Confusion Unable to figure out identity Questioned what her purpose was Relied on her husbands for comfort