Instructional Design Models Comparison

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Instructional Design Models Comparison by Mind Map: Instructional Design Models Comparison


1.1. Analyze Learners

1.1.1. Understand Learning Styles of Learners

1.1.2. Gender and Age of Learners

1.1.3. Learning student preferences and needs

1.2. State Objectives

1.2.1. Specific Measurable Objectives

1.2.2. Outcomes of the Learning

1.3. Select Media and Materials

1.3.1. Select materials that will be used

1.3.2. Create new materials

1.3.3. Modify existing materials if needed

1.4. Utilize Media and Materials

1.4.1. Prep all materials

1.4.2. Direct instruction takes place

1.4.3. Determine that all materials work the way you would like them to

1.5. Require Learner Participation

1.5.1. In class activities Discussions Games Simulations Assessments

1.5.2. All activities allow the learners to apply their knowledge and understanding of the content

1.6. Evaluate and Revise

1.6.1. This should be done before, during, and after instruction

1.6.2. Were the objectives met?

1.6.3. Was your teaching successful?

1.6.4. Should you revise, continue, or determine what the next steps are?


2.1. Analyze

2.1.1. Develop Goals

2.1.2. Understand the needs of the learners

2.1.3. Develop a timeline

2.2. Design

2.2.1. Determine your objectives

2.2.2. Content Planning

2.2.3. Decide on instructional approach or delivery method

2.3. Develop

2.3.1. Tasks

2.3.2. Activities

2.3.3. Materials

2.3.4. Assessments

2.4. Implement

2.4.1. LAUNCH-put it in to practice

2.5. Evaluate

2.5.1. Was your teaching successful?

2.5.2. Should you revise, continue, or determine what the next steps are?

3. Seels and Glasgow

3.1. Needs Analysis Management Phase

3.1.1. Analyze required outcomes

3.1.2. Analyze needs of learners

3.2. Instructional Design Management Phase

3.2.1. Determine instructional strategies to be used

3.2.2. Determine tasks and assginments

3.2.3. Determine the delivery method

3.2.4. Complete formative evaluations

3.3. Implementation and Evaluation Management Phase

3.3.1. Produce materials or determine materials to be used

3.3.2. Instruction

3.3.3. Evaluation of course

3.3.4. Should you revise, continue, or determine what the next steps are?