Free Grace Roles & Org Chart & Operations Manual

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Free Grace Roles & Org Chart & Operations Manual by Mind Map: Free Grace Roles & Org Chart & Operations Manual

1. Inbox

1.1. Maybe use the term "Ministry Team" for any service centric activity done by a group

1.1.1. Greeters

1.1.2. Music Team

1.1.3. Cleaners

1.1.4. Etc.

2. Sunday Worship

2.1. Pre-Sunday Prep

2.1.1. Worship Designer / Choreographer Menu for the music team Song selection Sermon schedule

2.1.2. Slide Creation Announcements Worship slides

2.1.3. Worship Folder Production

2.1.4. Buys supplies

2.2. Communion Setup

2.2.1. Wine

2.2.2. Bread Make bread Resupply bread Gluten free wine Grape juice

2.3. Music Team

2.4. Sound Team

2.4.1. Sound Equipment and etc.

2.4.2. Running sound

2.4.3. Recording file processing

2.5. Slide Syncing

2.5.1. Projector king

2.6. Greeters

2.7. Coffee

2.8. Fruit

2.9. Worship Leader

2.10. Worship Service Director

2.11. Corporate Prayer Leader

2.12. Preacher

2.13. Offering

2.13.1. Adult Supervisor

2.13.2. Offering Collection Team

2.13.3. Storage until counted

2.13.4. Counting

2.13.5. Processing

2.14. Administration of The Lord's Supper

2.15. Corporate Prayer

3. Admin

3.1. Office Manager

3.1.1. Bookkeeping

3.2. Office Intern

3.2.1. Welcome bags

3.2.2. Supplies Inventory

3.3. Church Calendar

3.3.1. Per answers my questions

3.3.2. Places Slides Master Calendar (currently the master calendar is a paper calendar on Linda's desk My thought is that the master calendar would become the Google calendar. Facebook Page Group Web Site Google Calendar Rendezvous Newsletter newsletters (a partner aimed one in mid-month and a congregation aimed one at the end of the month) E-mail We have been avoiding a weekly e-mail as unnecessary, though we're not really opposed to it, if folks want it. We really don't have that much going on usually and we don't get that many prayer requests to share.

3.4. Scheduling

3.4.1. Google Spreadsheet

3.5. IT Director

3.6. Executive Pastor

3.6.1. Interesting article

3.7. Teaching Pastor

3.8. Facilities Management

3.8.1. Building Coordinator

3.9. Communication Coordinator

3.9.1. Communications Web Site Social Media Facebook Twitter Blog E-mail Worship Folder Slides Rondevous Newsletter Directory Church Phone Branding Building Exterior Signage Interior message signage in the Narthex

3.10. Assimilation Team Leader

4. Ministries

4.1. Youth

4.1.1. Teen Movie Night

4.2. By Gender

4.2.1. Women Ladies Bible Study

4.2.2. Men Men's Night Men's Prayer

4.3. Prayer

4.3.1. Family Prayer

4.3.2. Men's Prayer Breakfast

4.4. Small Groups

4.4.1. Taking It Deeper

4.4.2. Home Groups Casco Young Couples

4.5. Food

4.5.1. Mercy Food Coordination As needed

4.5.2. Regular Events Sunday Worship Service Coffee Fruit Quarterly Pot Luck Organization Facility Setup

4.5.3. Special Events Presbytery

4.6. Partner Development

4.7. Shut-Ins

4.8. College Students

4.9. Counseling

4.9.1. Jordan's Brudge

4.9.2. Pastor

5. Government

5.1. Elders

5.1.1. Preaching Preaching Schedule Preaching Strategy Series selection

5.1.2. Teaching Sunday School Seeds of Grace

5.1.3. Ruling The Session Ruling Elder Ruling Elder

5.2. Deacons

5.2.1. Financial Bookkeeper Treasurer Auditor

5.2.2. Mercy / Outreach

5.2.3. Facility Cleaning Supplies By area By task Misc List Seating Layout Security Snow shoveling Maintenance Landlord Liaison Seasonal Christmas Decoration Winter Preparation Spring Projects Construction Projects e.g.