How to make a video game? (to get you started)

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How to make a video game? (to get you started) by Mind Map: How to make a video game? (to get you started)

1. If we are rookies?

1.1. Make small projects

1.2. Develop a game with amendments

1.3. Make a 2D game and if possible then make a 3D game Easy

2. with a necessary professional team

2.1. Programmers

2.2. Designers

2.3. Writers

2.4. Musicians

3. Tools

3.1. Programming language

3.1.1. Typical game C/C ++ C / C ++ is a programming language designed in the mid -1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup . The intent of its creation was to extend the C programming language mechanisms that allow the manipulation of objects Python It is a multi-paradigm programming language as it supports object-oriented , imperative programming and to a lesser extent, functional programming. It is an interpreted language , and uses dynamic typing platform .

3.2. Compiler

3.3. IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)

3.4. Graphic design

4. Knowledge

4.1. Programming , data structure

4.2. Artificial intelligence

4.3. Networks

4.4. Scripting

4.5. Maths

4.5.1. Specific Geometry Trig

4.6. Physics

4.6.1. Simulate reality Gravitation Collisions Speed Accelerations

5. Characteristics of a good game

5.1. Originality

5.2. Nice graphics

5.3. Good Music

5.4. Gameplay