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Electromagnetic Radiation by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Radiation
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Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Waves

The speed of all waves travel at 3X10^8 m/s

Wavelength is equal to the speed of light divided by its frequency

Propagation is the way in waves travel

Frequency= the number of waves per unit time


Ray= narrow beam of particles

Particle= matter that makes up electromagnetic waves

Wave Packet= short bursts of waves that also travel together

Wave Front = occurs when waves have the same phase

Reflection= the angle at which a wave is on a surface is the same angle at which is being reflected

Refraction= when the speed of a wave changes direction. Ex. when a wave goes through one substance to anoher

Dispersion= occurs when a waves velocity is not uniform; it is dependent on frequency

Diffraction occurs when a wave runs into something; the wave begins to bend and move around the object

Spectrum (band) Example

Largest= Radio






Smallest =Gamma Ray

Interference occurs when two or more waves come together and create a new wave pattern

Polarization= the orientation of a waves electric field at a point in its ossillation

Absorption= the way in which energy is taken up by other matter

Scattering occurs when something in a particular medium makes a deviate from a straight trajectory or path

Transparent= ability for light pass through something

Translucent= allows light to diffuse as it passes through

Opaque- the amount of light which is blocked

Fluorescence-emission of light from an electromagnetic wave

Phosphorescence= a substance that does not readmit radiation from which it has previously observed