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2010 Star Course by Mind Map: 2010 Star Course
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2010 Star Course

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


09 Stat

Star 1 - 11 Classes

Star 2 - 6 Classes

Star 3 - 1 Classes

2班Star 1 開一班Star 2

Every year around 100

上年Claimed 40%

This Year

21(Sat)-22(Sun) UChamp

City Semester Starts at 30Sep

23-29 Available for Booking ?

Coachs Available?


12 Star1

6 Star2

Cathy Reply 10 Star1 4 Star2

Asking Question

Ask HKCRA(Cathy): Email + Phone Callllllll

If they'll also provide Coaches

Hold期=Payment?, can hand in application form later ?, Payment同Form一齊俾, at least settle half payment per classes to book

After first reply: Penalty upon cancellation of class, Alt: 轉日子安排?, ???, Didnt mention penalty, but cathy said changing day is cumbersome

Availability of certain date

Number of Students per Class, Additional with AC?

Arrangement under Adverse weather condition, Time?, Star 2? when in the time, what will be done ?, 轉期

Minimum Studenets per Class?, Minimum 8個, 最多可有2班唔夠8個

一個Level 1 8個人, AC+4個 (TBC), 全部都係8個


R艇數目有限, 每班可有幾多隻提供, No Answer, Star1 no water !?, 3-4 R

What's Coaching Fees

Can we buy package but add names first

1個timeslot可搞多過1班?, Maximum Load of Class per session: 3?


LCSD Course係咪已經有Sponsorship(form LCSD?)

Dress code?, 有否規定

Change Person Name

Ask Jong

Who do Leaflet?


Ask Eddie

上年既收生情況, Dunno

Number of Students per Class, Additional with AC?

Team Training Time, 幾時開操, 等多D人上STAR COURSE再定開操日

Ask 阿琼

前年既收生情況, 開左幾多班

特別情況, Reg Day, Star Coruse

有冇係石門搞, 如果石門搞要注意D乜

Ask Coachs

Their Availabilty, 2 weeks in advance, 8/8 at last

Sort list

Ask Who?

Ask Timmy

City Funding, Claim?, 係咪6成, Ans: Previous Year Claimed 40%, 用乜方法批?, 黃單?班數?定係睇Proposal ?, (if) LCSD Funding crash with CityU Funding ?, 上年教練費Cover返$$$$, 點Cover ?

Money Flow係點?

Ask Sowing


Possible Encounter

Clash with Department Function

Solution : Ask Department/SDS for further information

Full Booking in many dates

Hodling Star Course in Shek Mun Centre ?

Weather Condition


會唔會安排另一班俾佢, 報名時要講清楚



2 Plan now

LCSD - 包起晒D班



emphasis 係用佢地既錢BOOK期, 好難會轉

Prepare Promotional Leaflet

Don't Promote Team Actively, if they are not so interested

Weekday before semester start is suggest to open star course

Must be 1 Level One coach

O Night Follow-up

Friend with those with Potential?

Maybe this year will be Screening ?

Add MSN to follow-up

怕晒? 下午Course少人join ?

搵SDS Claim

Affiliate School Team

Receipt need to drop down Mark: Date, Time, Number of Classes, Classes, Coaches Name


Training Tee, DragonBoat Tee, Change color later on, Need to know whether it's Soc TEE or Team TEE, Team Tee cannot give away ?, Dragonboat Tee not recommend, Declined

Discuss on Exact Date for Star Course


Send Email to cathy


Cathy Reply with Date Available

Estimate Price for Star Course

Ask Cathy for Period/Fees/Other thing Else

Deadline Table

Stage 1

Booking Day, DONE

Stage 2

Financial Budget, Dead: 6 Jul

Stage 3

Making Rundown Plan (Day/Week/Whole Period), 有D班係因為放飛機人而開

Stage 4

Human Resource Arrangement, Dead: 8 Aug, 未知幾班, 搵教練都冇大作用, Reg Day Helper

Stage 5

Stage 6


Stage 7


Out of the Scope


要請高層睇U Champ

1st Agenda

Fin Budget Assign


Labour Arrangement