Acme Pay-Per-Call BluePrint

Acme People Search is pioneering the Pay Per Call (PPCall) Marketing for the people search business as well as other income streams. It is similar to Pay Per Click that advertisers will pay you for each phone call leads that you can generate

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Acme Pay-Per-Call BluePrint by Mind Map: Acme Pay-Per-Call BluePrint

1. Mind Maps by Giap

1.1. Mind Maps

1.1.1. Web Site Management The Mind Map for Unisuccess Space Site Map

1.1.2. Affiliate Marketing The Mind Map For Acme People Search Affiliate Program With 14 Streams of Income

1.1.3. Search Engine Optimization The Mind Map for Search Engine Optimization: Get Top Search Engine Ranking The Mind Map for OnlyWire Automated Content & Bookmark Distribution.1 Click To 38 Social Sites for Backlinks & Traffic The Mind Map for The SuperSelf Productivity Booster To build 38 Backlinks From Top Social Sites With 1 Click

1.1.4. Article Marketing The Mind Map for Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage

1.1.5. Micro Niche The Mind Map for Micro Niche Strategy

1.1.6. SuperSelf SuperSelf Branding Mind Maps By Giap

1.2. To Get Started with Mind Meister

1.2.1. Free Member

1.2.2. Premium Member at $59/year

1.2.3. The Mind Map for Mind Meister

2. PPCall Markets

2.1. Real Estate Phone Leads

2.1.1. United States States Virginia Market Penetration

2.2. Potential New Markets to Expand

2.2.1. Hard To Locate Services

2.2.2. Medical Services Dentist Specialists

2.2.3. Personal Financial Services Insurance Will Writing

2.2.4. Local Businesses Leads

3. Acme People Search Affiliate Business

3.1. 14 Income Streams

3.1.1. ClickBank People Search Affiliates Phone Detective Email Finder Archives Central Investigation Service Background Check SSN Record Search

3.1.2. HD Publishing Net Detective

3.1.3. Trial Pay

3.1.4. AdSense People Search Engine Site

3.1.5. US Search Social Network Search


3.1.7. GDI Referrals $1/referral on 5 levels down Leaderboard Bonus

3.1.8. HostGator Web Hosting $50/account

3.1.9. GVO Web Hosting Easy Video Producer GVO Conference eResponder New node

3.1.10. Acme Referral Step 1 $1/referral $3 Performance Bonus Step 3 $3 $4.5 Residue Income

3.1.11. ShoeMoney System 50% commssion on $97/month

3.1.12. Wealthy Affiliate 50% commission on $97/month

3.1.13. Affilorama

3.1.14. Pay-Per-Call : PPCall Income Streams Generate Phone Leads to Advertisers Generate 20% commission from Phone Leads income of your referrals Territories Shared Zip Codes Claimed Zip Codes

4. Concepts and Strategy

4.1. Tagline

4.1.1. Acme Pioneering The New PPC: Pay-Per-Call

4.2. What is Pay-Per-Call (PPCall)

4.2.1. It is similar to Pay Per Click that advertisers will pay you for each phone call leads that you can generate

4.2.2. Pay-per-call (PPCall) is exactly what the name implies. It's a performance based advertising method where advertisers pays publishers for generated phone leads and/or sales.

4.2.3. As affiliate marketers we tend to think in terms of getting clicks to our websites and landing pages to generate leads and sales. With the PPCall method the goal is to generate phone calls.

4.2.4. Acme People Search is pioneering the Pay Per Call (PPCall) Marketing for the people search business as well as other income streams

4.2.5. What is Acme PPCall ACME Phone Leads is a CPL network utilizing PPCall technology CPL : Cost Per Lead PPCall : Cost Per Call Starting right now All APS Lifetime members have an individual toll-free phone number, real estate offers through one company in a limited geographical area (Prince William County, VA) Keep in mind that right now the PPCall platform is very new (read: incomplete) and it's going to take time for Tissa to add new features and offers. The current leads are paying $1 per lead for phone duration of at least 2 minutes For now we are promoting about 3000 offers on the homes for sale in the Prince William County of Virginia to the prospective "buyers only"

4.3. What is the potential

4.3.1. Prince William County is only 1 small location now with 3000 homes for sale in Acme pre-negotiated offers.

4.3.2. There are 4 million homes currently for sale in the U.S

4.3.3. Chris Losenno made $110 per day in the first attempt!

4.3.4. This is a pioneering start in the real estate leads, what about other leads like professional services, medical services, local business leads? The potential is limitless.

4.4. Micro Niche Marketing

4.4.1. Market: Real Estate in US Niche Real Estate in Virginia Real Estate in Washington DC Real Estate in all other states in US Keyword Research 200 most popular searches with homes for sale zip code

4.4.2. Concepts and Strategy Micro Niche Resources: How To Rank In Page 1 of Google Fast APS Micro Niche Challenge Micro Niche Sites Strategy Micro Niche Journal Micro Niche Strategy Mind Map

4.4.3. Micro Niche Tools Micro Niche Finder Keyword Snatcher Market Samurai Thesis WordPress Theme Adsense Masters Course

4.5. Threats and Opportunities

4.5.1. Threats What if Google, Yahoo and Bing begin to tackle this area of PPCall? What if other big players and corporation begin to join in the game? How can APS has a head start and safe guard our interest?

5. How To Get Started

5.1. Build Your Knowledge First Fast

5.1.1. Read Acme SubForum on Pay Per Call

5.1.2. See Overall View with This Mind Map

5.1.3. Read Key Forum Posts Getting Started The Basic Acme Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Business FAQs Post Your PPCall Questions Here APL Webinar Notes Eden Laura Webinar Notes June 11 Eden Laura PreNegotiated Offers and other notes from June 18 Eden Laura Webinar Notes June 25 Notes from the "Must attend" Lifetimers' Webinar of July 12, 2010 How To Market The PPCall Potential Ways to Make Money with PPCall Offers Post your first PPCall conversion here! How To Add Content Material for PPC Real Estate blogging - best places to live in the USA Scott Hogge Notes on Prince William County

5.1.4. Browse Web Sites To Get Some Feel Acme Phone Leads Affiliates Real Estate Leads Sites Linda Trempe Sites Eleanor Candy Sites Kirsten Faucette Sites Amanda Mankins Site Eden Laura Site Kevin Mitchell Site Sharath Sites Kausar Khan Site Real Estate Agent Sites

5.1.5. USA Real Estate Insights 10 best places to live in America's 100 best places to live. top 25 sites where homes are affordable

5.2. Niche Marketing

5.2.1. What is your niche?

5.2.2. Keyword Research

5.3. Quick Start Resources

5.3.1. Images Sites

5.3.2. Advertising

5.3.3. Promoting

5.4. Set Up Your Niche Web Sites

5.4.1. Get Your Domains Godaddy 1&1 Web Hosting Domain Monster

5.4.2. Host Your Sites HostGator GVO

5.4.3. Website System Web Site Builder Site Build It X Site Pro WordPress : Free sites : Self Hosted Sites

5.4.4. Building Contents For Your Sites

5.4.5. Search Engine Optimization for your sites On Page Optimization The 4 Meta Tags Other Key Tags Content SEO Optimized Domain Name Keyword Latent Semantic Indexing Long Tail Keyword Rich Content Internal Links Off Page Optimization Building Backlinks Site Authority

5.5. MAP

5.5.1. Marketing

5.5.2. Advertising

5.5.3. Promoting

6. M.A.P

6.1. Marketing Advertising Promoting

6.1.1. Marketing Branding 49 ways to build your brand using online marketing Your Own Websites and blogs

6.1.2. Advertising Paid Advertising Online Offline Free Advertising Online Offline

6.1.3. Promoting Social Networks Plaxo Pulse LinkedIn Facebook MySpace Plurk Friendster Foursquare Brightkite Bebo Tagged My Year Book My Year Book Yahoo Meme ShoutEm Orkut Hi5 Ning Social Networks Forums Home Based Business Forums Webmaster Forums Internet Marketing Forums MLM Forums Niche Forums

7. Support and Training

7.1. Boosting Your Success Rate

7.1.1. Tissa's GDI Videos

7.1.2. Browse FAQs

7.1.3. Use The Forum

7.1.4. Learn to M.A.P

7.1.5. Talk To Tissa

7.1.6. Meet Tissa

7.1.7. Follow Tissa

7.1.8. Phone Support

7.1.9. Video Tutorials

7.1.10. Submit A Ticket

8. The Business Transaction Process

8.1. The Strategy

8.1.1. Target Your Niche

8.1.2. Keyword Research

8.1.3. SEO Keyword Domain

8.1.4. Contents

8.1.5. M.A.P Your Messages Reach The Prospects Prospect call the toll free phone number