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1. Computing One

1.1. Learning The Alphabet

1.1.1. This week I learned to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and spell words in English

1.2. Learning Numbers

1.2.1. This week I learned the numbers pronunciation and writing in English

1.3. Learning Bucabulary

1.3.1. This week I learned to talk with my classmates through a bocabulary revealing where we live and our hobby and as we was by going in the studio.

2. Computing Three

2.1. Family Members

2.1.1. This week I learned how to describe and distinguish the members of my family

2.2. Using There Are and There Is

2.2.1. This week I learned to describe things that are in my room

2.3. Jobs

2.3.1. This week I learned to know the different types of jobs that exist in the country, starting with comersiantes workers to employers.

3. Computing Two

3.1. Describing My City

3.1.1. This week I learned how to describe my city and it was very interesting, I learned some fraces, such as "My city is big and fresh"

3.2. I Am Wearing

3.2.1. This week I learned to describe the clothes a person wears.

3.3. Where Are You Doing

3.3.1. In this week I learned a describe the actions they are taking a particular time Persons

3.4. Timer

3.4.1. This week was very interezante, learned how to say the clock in different ways, such as: "Are You Timer?" 1) (hour + minutes) Eleven forty-three 2) (minutes + PAST / TO + hour). It´s forty-three past eleven It´s eighteen to twelve