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Community Sports Hubs in Scotland by Mind Map: Community Sports Hubs in Scotland
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Community Sports Hubs in Scotland


Securing the inclusion of sporting social outcomes in LA single outcome agreements

Integration between SE activieites and the "mainstream"

SGB pathways

Active Schools programmes

Curriculum For Excellence

Breaking down barriers, Preceptions, Territorial issues

Communicating the outcomes of the sport SE sector

Articulating and measuring outcomes, Fitting with national agendas, Central Government, Sport Scotland, Local Authorities, Community sport role in single outcome agreements

Creating sustainable business models

income streams

capacity issues, resources, expertise

Facility access

working within the PPC environment

Leisure Trusts

Huge variation in facility costs



improve pathways

Develop clubs

Upskill coaches, volunteers

Link to Curriculum For Excellence

Maximise facility investment, improving access

Be inclusive

A 'home for clubs', multi-sport


Sustainabile business model

Economies of scale

Home for sport


Community engagement and inclusiveness

Local sporting infastructure


Adding value to sportscotland work

Work w SS Partnership Managers to contribute to LA single outcome agreements


Sporting, Create school-club links, Active Schools, Hubs hosting PE and Curriculum for Excellence activites

Contribution to 2014 Legacy strategies

Active, CONNECTED, Flourishing, Sustainable

Link to Right to Play initiaves

playgrounds within hubs

Policy shift from 'sport for sport's sake' to 'sport for social development'

Especially post 2012/2014

Positioning sport to take advantage of legacy aims from 2014, Reach Higher objectives, Performance, Participation, Using performance to increase partricipation and vice versa, Still requires investment in development activities e.g. coach education, Opportunity for sport SE's to use Coaching FUNdamentals website resource

Sport Scotland new priorities and ways of working

Community Sports Hubs

Regional Sports Partnerships, Target the 3 RSP's for representation of SE's

Scottish Government outcomes

Health agenda

Reaching Higher

2014 Communities Fund (Big Lottery)

Is this distributed by sportscotland?

Sport as glue

Use unique qualities of sport to grow social capital, Link to SENSCOT

Capacity building

Linking w Positve Coaching Scotland

Strategic Alliances