Control Enginnering

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Control Enginnering by Mind Map: Control Enginnering

1. Control Systems

1.1. An arrangement of physical components connected or related in such a manner as to command, direct, or regulate itself or another system.

1.2. Each control system has input and output.

1.2.1. The input is the stimulus or excitation applied to a control system from an external energy source.

1.2.2. The output is the actual response obtained from a control system.

2. Applications

2.1. Practically every aspect of our day-to-day activities is affected by some type of control systems, including the following areas: generation of energy, transmission of energy, communication, transportation etc.

3. Design

3.1. The goal of control engineering design is to obtain the configuration, specification, and identification of the key parameters of a proposed system to meet the actual need.

3.1.1. For example: Many luxury automobiles have thermostatically controlled air-conditioning system for the comfort of the passengers.

4. Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Control

4.1. An open-loop control system utilises an actuating device to control the process directly, independent of the output.

4.2. A closed-loop control system is one in which the control action is somehow dependent on the output. The output y is fed-back and compared with the reference input r, and an error signal e is then generated and sent through the system to correct the error.