AWAKEN Teach Us TO Pray

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AWAKEN Teach Us TO Pray by Mind Map: AWAKEN Teach Us TO Pray

1. About AWAKEN in General

1.1. Vision

1.1.1. My hope is that this will be a yearly Fall series. Fall tends to be the time for many people where life makes a shift in schedule, in rythm. Kids go back to school, students go back to school, the world presses towards the holidays. Summer is done. During this time, it seems to me to be a strategic time to get refocused, refreshed, and re-awakened to the reality, hope, encouragement of who God is.

1.1.2. Verse:

1.1.3. NOTE:

1.2. Goals

1.2.1. MORE PERSONAL DEVOTION - a growth in the area of spiritual disciplines

1.2.2. MORE INVESTMENT IN GODS PEOPLE - a renewed and refreshed investment in God's people and the local church

1.2.3. FAITH - people coming to faith in Jesus Fall baptism


2.1. Overivew

2.2. Sermons

2.2.1. Teach us to Pray Overview: A look at prayer in jesus' life, what it has taken to given us the privilege to pray and the context on why the disciples asked to be taught to pray. Lastly, why pray? What does this have to do with spiritual awakening? Details - Teach Us To Pray

2.2.2. "Our Father in heaven"

2.2.3. "hallowed be your name"

2.2.4. Your kingdom come

2.2.5. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

2.2.6. Give us this day our daily bread

2.2.7. and forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our detbors

2.2.8. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Books Specific to the Lord's prayer The Lord and His Prayer - NT Wright Alone with God - John MacArthur The Lord's Prayer - Thomas Watson Growing in Christ - JI Packer The Prayer of the Lord - RC SProul Generally about prayer Hunger For God - John Piper Praying Backwards - Bryan Chapell The Valley of Visio - Collection of Puritan Prayers Prayer - Tim Keller A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Praying with Paul - DA Carson

2.3.2. General resources Modern Reformation articles on Lords' PRayer

2.3.3. Supplemental books to perhaps look into Phelps, The Still Hour,