Internet marketer (that's YOU!)

An interactive mind-map for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs to use, to project product creation, with links to powerful resources required by any online marketer.

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Internet marketer (that's YOU!) by Mind Map: Internet marketer (that's YOU!)

1. 1. "Problem" research

1.1. What do people want?

1.1.1. Research what's popular

1.1.2. What niches have massive customers?

1.2. What problems exist that people are searching for solutions to?

1.2.1. Forums

1.2.2. Google results When you begin typing a search term Google offers you automatically several matching terms that others are typing.

1.2.3. Surveys

1.2.4. Social media groups

1.3. What do you already know about or are interested in learning that could provide a solution to one of these?

1.3.1. List your skills set

1.3.2. Package a skill

1.3.3. Do a course or get training to expand your skills. Improve your MINDSET

2. 2. Solution Product creation or existing product/service provider. Your goal is to connect the solution to the person with the problem or desire.

2.1. Digital product? no stock, low overheads, easy delivery

2.1.1. DO it yourself : research, prototype, test, packaging, beta, launch.

2.1.2. Outsource : Freelancer,Odesk,Fiverr etc

2.1.3. Distribution platforms :Jvzoo, Clickbank etc

2.1.4. Lead generation, connecting with people who are interested in your product niche.

2.1.5. Own Digital Product creation with minimal investment for maximum profits.

2.1.6. Autoresponder = a service/software that handles acquisition of e-mail adresses and the sending of pre-programmed series of e-mails to subscribers. Adding interested people to your e-mail list as subscribers and following up regularly to offer products and services that are relevant to their areas of interest. Follow-up series List creation

2.1.7. Online Marketing Hosting = a service that manages servers to hold your website and keeps it online Global Domains International THC Servers or LiquidWeb Sales Funnels = a series of interconnected webpages &/or e-mail follow-ups that take a prospective customer through a presentation of a product(s) Automation, autoresponder integration Capture pages ClickFunnels Audiences, demographic research, "model customer" filters Social media management Free and paid advertising SOLO ADS GOOGLE BING YAHOO ARTICLE ADS BLOGGING E-BOOKS Video marketing LEARN how to profit from free and paid advertising and leveraging social-media and automation tools Brand development DIGITAL PRODUCTS = information and service products that are delivered via the internet Library of digital products ($7 - $99) to sell with affiliate commission system High-Ticket products, (over $1000 commissions) (free webinar for info) The TOTAL NOOBS GUIDE to Internet Marketing and Online Business creation 3step wealth plan system 6 powerful tools to get you started

2.2. Physical product?

2.2.1. Online store? Etsy | Facebook | ebay | Amazon Books/DVDS (information) Amazon store Example store- Health and fitness ""

2.2.2. Production

2.2.3. Stock

2.2.4. Delivery

3. 0. Your Mentor (that's me)

3.1. This is a work in progress. I've linked the most useful products and services that I use so you can access these easily.