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IBG Launchpad by Mind Map: IBG Launchpad
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IBG Launchpad

What To Do?

My Idea Generator

About Me, About Me, Background, Lifegoals, Niche Focus (energise level)(profitability), Skills/ Expertise, Interests/ likes

My Idea Funnel, Work I've Already Started, My Short Term Ideas (quick-wins), Idea 1, Pros, Cons, Cost To Start, Time To Start, My Medium Term Ideas, Idea 1, Pros, Cons, Cost To Start, Time To Start

Content Planner

Opt-in Bonus

Blog Posts

Podcasts, Audio, Video

Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Polls, Competitions, Youtube

When To Do It?

Time Allocation

Next 3 Months (%)

Next 6 Months (%)

6 to 12 Months (%)

12 to 18 Months and Beyond

How To Make Money?

Monetisation Models

Affiliation, Article Marketing, Amazon, Clickbank, General Affiliate Marketing

Digital Delivered Content, eBooks/ Digital Documents, Private Label Rights

Online Retailing (eCommerce), EBay, Physical / Digital, Shopping Carts and Online Stores, Drop Shipping

Blogging, Pure Blogging (Journalistic), Sponsorship, Donations, Merchandising, Charge for posting, Niche Blogging, General Internet Business

Software Development, Software for the Computer, Google's App Market, Mac / Windows Software, Software for the Mobile Device, iPhone, Android, iPad

Membership Sites, Unlimited Duration, Fixed Term

Advertising Revenue, Contextual (PPC), Google Adsense, Facebook, Text Link Ads (TLA) or Graphic Banners, Mobile Advertising, Apple, iAD, Blog Ads (rent space), Pay Per Click and Cost Per Action, Private Ad Deals

Advanced, Traffic Brokering, Site Brokering, Product Brokering, JV / Partnership, Consulting, SaaS

Help To Do It?

My Tools

Traffic Generation,

Graphics and Images,,,

Collaboration, Filesharing,,, ManagingTeams,,

Infrastructure, Hosting,,, (Rosalind Gardner), Wordpress, Themes,,, Plugins, Domains,,,, Shopping Carts,