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International Week by Mind Map: International Week
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International Week

Where are we?

Britain in the world - find Britain on a map, colour in the 4 parts, compare to other countries and islands, capitals cities, flags of 4 parts, interviews with each other

Who are we?

History of Britain, Culture? What does it mean? English language, Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans. Many cultures have made us who we are, drama activities (Viking raiders)

Who lives here?

Many cultures, traditions, peoples living and working in UK, our neighbours


Our place in Europe, European Union, countries, flags, capitals, languages, how to say hello-goodbye, holidays, places we've been

The World

Where have we travelled to? Places we have been? Google Maps.

Tools and resources

Google Maps -

Website list -

Junior Atlas -

Maps -

Outline map of Europe -

Maps for learning -

Flags -

IPC -;id=r12740#r12740

A school in another country

Our Class Blog -

Project Britain -

Stories from around the world -