Lunch Time Support

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Lunch Time Support by Mind Map: Lunch Time Support

1. WHY

1.1. Failing a COURSE because of MISSING assignments is UNACCEPTABLE

1.2. If its been assigned, Its worth doing

2. Where

2.1. Rm 218 next to International room

2.2. Use of Portable computer lab

3. HOW

3.1. Classroom teacher provide list of students & assignments

3.1.1. Lists are due Friday ADMIN collects

3.1.2. Assignments should/could be posted to Teacher Connect Least paperwork option

3.2. Assigned students released @11:15

3.2.1. able to go to locker

3.2.2. get lunch early from Cafe

3.2.3. able to get to Rm218 by start of lunch

3.3. Completed work

3.3.1. collected by LT teacher

3.3.2. delivered to teacher's' mailbox @ the end of lunch hour

4. WHO

4.1. Students

4.1.1. 2 or more missing assignments

4.1.2. Target: Gr. 8,9,10

4.2. Support People

4.2.1. LT Teacher

4.2.2. Peer Tutors

4.2.3. Adminstration

4.2.4. Parents