Medical Experiments During the Holocaust

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Medical Experiments During the Holocaust by Mind Map: Medical Experiments During the Holocaust

1. Who?

1.1. The Victims

1.1.1. Jews

1.1.2. Roma Gypsies

1.1.3. Homosexuals

1.1.4. Twins

1.1.5. Physically Disabled

1.1.6. Mentally Impaired

1.2. The Doctors

1.2.1. Dr. Josef Mengele

1.2.2. Dr. Carl Clauberg

1.2.3. Dr. Herta Oberheuser

1.2.4. Dr. Karl Brandt

2. Where & When?

2.1. Dachau Camp

2.1.1. Established in 1933

2.1.2. Housed in an abandoned munitions factory near the city of Dachau

2.2. Buchenwald

2.2.1. Established in 1937

2.2.2. Wooded area in east-central Germany

2.3. Auschwitz

2.3.1. Largest of its kind/had three main camps

2.3.2. Located 37 miles west of Krakow

3. What?

3.1. Pharmaceutical Experiments

3.1.1. Introduction of infectious diseases

3.1.2. Testing of vaccines

3.2. High Altitude Experiments

3.2.1. Determining safe altitude for parachuting

3.2.2. Placing in low pressure chambers

3.3. Freezing Experiments

3.3.1. Causing hypothermia

3.3.2. Placing in hot water to reverse

3.4. Experiments on Twins

3.4.1. Creating Siamese twins

3.4.2. Genetic testing

4. Why?

4.1. Facilitating the survival of Axis military personnel

4.1.1. Find ways to help military personnel survive better in the field

4.1.2. Looked for ways to help pilots survive during emergency ejection

4.2. Testing of immunization compounds for the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases of Hitler's model members of society

4.2.1. Used as Jews and others who didn't matter to Nazi Germany as guinea pigs

4.2.2. Wanted to find ways to preserve the life of those allowed in Nazi Germany

4.3. Mass extermination of Jews and other "undesirables"

4.3.1. Saw them as less than human

4.3.2. Wanted to sterilize Jews and others to prevent reproduction