Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 2 & 3

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Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 2 & 3 by Mind Map: Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 2 & 3

1. Chapter 2: domestic work

1.1. domestic jobs considered low class, often done by mixed or darker women

1.2. Having a domestic worker shows you have status

1.3. wages for domestic work not livable wages

1.4. Middle class defined by having another or others working for you.

1.5. Domestic workers "talk differently"

1.5.1. Thier speech patterns and slang considered low class, so if one who has made it out still speaks like this then they are still considered to be of lower class

1.5.2. Gives middle class a sense of alienation from the low class, makes them feel like they are better.

1.6. Public schools not up to par. Makes it nearly impossible for lower class poor children to succeed.

1.7. domestic work very similar to colonial era servitude.

2. Chapter 3: Sex and Race

2.1. "Black" traits are considered to be unwanted and of lower class.

2.2. "Darker" women considered more sexual.

2.3. Talk of sexuality and race often met with jokes to anthropologists.

2.4. Light or whiter woman more in demand and also more respected.

2.4.1. Whiter women wanted for wives and procreation

2.5. Harder for Brazilians to talk about race than class. Use of jokes to diffuse situations.

2.6. low income mixed or black women considered in low class

2.6.1. Mulata considered more likely to be prostitutes