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Mind Mapping by Mind Map: Mind Mapping
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Mind Mapping



Freemind, + Java (platform independent) + Wikis integration + Powerful / light weight - Problems with usability

Mindjet MindManager, + Very fast/usable + Group selecting/actions + Cross-dependencies + Images, file attachments/links + Powerful + Integration with MS Office - Win/Mac only - Licence 350$

Online, + Friendly zooming + Coloring - Bad group editing, + Cool group editing + Items folding + API (to interact with anything else) + Import from Freemind / MindManager, Full version ($4 per month): + Export maps in FreeMind and Mindjet Mindmanagerâ„¢ format + Full SSL encryption + Offline edit mode, hangs for 30 sec sometimes (rarely), + Group editing + Node focusing + Internal presentations/slides + Task management - Fixed orientation (left to right) - no free account ($25 per year)

Pen and paper

What's for?


Project, To do, Scope

Life positioning


Startup ideas

Stress-test (what if...)

Whatever in future

Tree info

Company structure

Site map, Intranet restructurization



Folders structure

Generate nice artwork


Much of plain text


Big tables


Way of thinking

Clear overview

Intuition mobilization

Accessible (pen and paper)

Allows to quick overview

Want know details? Expand

GP utilization


Prepare to talk with boss/customer

Prepare a seminar

Planning..., Trip, birthday, vacation, Self-improvement, Life

Concurent thinking (Skype + Online tool)

Brainstorming (i.e. what else), Future seminars, Project opportunities, Profitable ideas

Map of discussion (real-time updated), Telepathy - comunication of thoughts, Unanswered questions, Unclear areas, "too technical" topics

GP Documentation

Project planning, Task1, Task2, Task 3, Task4, Task 5, per node email notifications


Tree data

GP Services

modern business tool?

GP Intranet