Financial Manager By: Martin Weisz

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Financial Manager By: Martin Weisz by Mind Map: Financial Manager        By: Martin Weisz

1. Schooling:

1.1. Common Requirements:

1.1.1. Bachelor's degree Employers may also look for a Master's degree as well

1.1.2. Field: Business, finance, accounting

1.1.3. Voluntary certification "Voluntary certification demonstrates that someone has a certain level of competency in an occupation. earning it can help with career advancement or specialization." (

1.1.4. Often more than five years of experience in finance

1.1.5. Skills: Analytical, detail-oriented, organizational, strong communication skills

1.1.6. Excellent at math

1.2. Best schools:

1.2.1. Wharton School of Business at UPenn $62,424 per year

1.2.2. Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago $61,520 per year

1.2.3. Sloan School of Business at MIT $63,454 per year

1.2.4. Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University $61,596 per year

2. Salary:

2.1. $61,000-$187,000 a year

2.1.1. 2013 Average: $126,660

2.1.2. 2013 Lowest: $61,320 Best Pay: New York City San Francisco San Jose, California Bridgeport, Connecticut

2.1.3. 2013 Highest: $187,199

3. Description:

3.1. 50-60 hours a week

3.1.1. "Financial managers help public and private organizations develop and manage financial goals." ( Pay is above national average "Financial managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization." (

4. Market:

4.1. List of Possible Jobs:

4.1.1. Banking Center Manager (BCM)

4.1.2. Banking Officer

4.1.3. Branch Manager

4.1.4. Credit Administration Manager

4.1.5. Financial Center Manager

4.1.6. Regional Manager

4.1.7. Service Center Manager

4.1.8. Certified Public Accountant

4.2. Upward Mobility: High

4.3. Stress Level: High

4.4. Job Flexibility: Very High

5. Departments:

5.1. Department of the Treasury

5.2. Department of Commerce

6. Why does the government need this?

6.1. "Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of workers in branches, offices, or departments of establishments, such as branch banks, brokerage firms, risk and insurance departments, or credit departments."

6.1.1. "Establish and maintain relationships with individual or business customers or provide assistance with problems these customers may encounter." "Recruit staff members." "Prepare operational or risk reports for management analysis."

7. Thank You For Watching!