Application Advantage

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Application Advantage by Mind Map: Application Advantage

1. Benifits

1.1. Our Blog

1.1.1. Increased Readership

1.1.2. Reader Loyalty

1.1.3. Integrity

1.2. Developers

1.2.1. You will be given the opportunity to sell your application directly to people interested in the product: our review readers at no charge

1.2.2. You can give out multiple "demo" copies of your software which would not upgrade to the next version. Readers may purchase, from you, the upgrade.

1.2.3. Your brand will be publicized

1.2.4. In the entry form for the free copy of the application, you can request an email address for a company e-newsletter

1.2.5. It's free ;) You just provide one copy of your application for us to give to a lucky reader.

2. Concept

2.1. After giving a review of a product, visitors will be given an option to purchase the program with a coupon code

2.2. One lucky reader will win a free copy of the application

3. Implementation

3.1. Lottery

3.1.1. Readers enter their name and email address and are randomly chosen to get the license

3.2. Survey

3.2.1. Readers would answer a short survey to be entered in the drawing, or, all survey takers could win a small prize.

3.3. Review

3.3.1. Readers would have to write their own review to the software to be eligible to enter the drawing.