Internet Access for North Rupununi

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Internet Access for North Rupununi by Mind Map: Internet Access for North Rupununi

1. how

1.1. technical

1.1.1. clients public? support? configuration? private? Software OS applications

1.1.2. access cable? satellite?

1.1.3. distribution wired? wireless? satellite?

1.1.4. servers local mirrors? local "Intranet"? mail? VoIP?

1.1.5. appropriate technology

1.2. financial

1.2.1. available financing? seed financing financing running costs existing Internet customers research

1.3. organization

1.3.1. my involvement research degree which Uni? supervisors? IT systems

1.3.2. political regulations can we set up a WISP? Are radio freq. available? allowed radiated power?

1.3.3. culture and communication communication methods electronic communication relationships

2. why

2.1. The North Rupununi Impact Assessment 2008

2.2. proof of concept for developing world

2.3. Geneva declaration of principles

3. needs

3.1. potential customers?

3.1.1. private lodges

3.1.2. public

3.1.3. research

3.1.4. government

3.1.5. NGOs

3.2. existing access in NR

3.2.1. how many?

3.2.2. paying how much?

3.2.3. speed & availability?

3.2.4. need something better?

3.3. speed of access

3.4. availability (24/7)?

3.4.1. do they really need it at night? yes!

3.5. geographic seperation?

3.5.1. where are the communities?

3.6. Servers

3.6.1. see "how/technical/servers"